Demon Slayer – Akaza

I became a demon and lost my memories. I wanted strength once again. Even though there wasn’t a single thing I wanted to protect. I really didn’t want to live in a world where I lost my family. For over a hundred years I committed pointless acts of carnage. It’s a horribly sad, laughable, and ridiculous story.

General Information

Japanese Voice Actor: Akira Ishida

English Voice Actor: Lucien Dodge

Age: 18 (Human) 133+ (Chronologically)

Manga Debut: Chapter 62 (Partial Appearance) Chapter 63 (Full Appearance)

Anime Debut: Season 2 Episode 6

Race: Demon

Gender: Male

Status: Deceased


Hakuji (Akaza) received his criminal tattoo when he was caught pickpocketing for the third time. The magistrate had him beaten and was given the criminal tattoo. His ailing father hung himself after hearing that his son was caught committing a crime. His father was ill and Hakuji being born in a slum and having nothing, would pickpocket so he can buy medicine for his father. After his father hung himself and left a note that he does not want any medicine from money obtained from committing a crime and he would rather die.

After his father’s death, he got nowhere to go. He got a criminal tattoo and his father is dead. With no one to protect or go home to, Hakuji would beat up anybody who come his way. While he was off beating everyone, he came across Keizo who owns a local dojo. Hakuji was easily beaten by Keizo. Keizo is cheerful that it annoyed Hakuji. After he lost to Keizo, he was asked to join his dojo and take care of Koyuki. Koyuki is the daughter of Keizo and she is very sickly.

The mother of Koyuki was the one who took care of her but she died of stress. While Hakuji was taking care of Koyuki, he motivated her by telling her that they will be watching the fireworks the following year. One day, Koyuki was forced outside by the heir of the kenjutso dojo. They also prevented Keizo from getting any more students they wanted his land for themselves. Enraged, Keizo and Hakuji fought the dojo and defeated nine people. After the defeat of the dojo, they made a promise never to bother Keizo and his dojo again.

Koyuki got better two years later and started doing house chores. The sengutso dojo, owned by Keizo, starts to flourish as they are admitting more students. Keizo told Hakuji that he wanted him to be the husband of Koyuki and the heir of the dojo. Hakuji embarrassed agreed on it. He embarked on a journey to pay a visit to his father’s grave. On his way back to the dojo, he discovered that Koyuki and Keizo died of poison.

When the heir of the neighboring dojo heard that Koyuki and Hakuji were getting married, he poisoned the well of the dojo. Keizo and Koyuki drank from the water and died on the same day.

When Hakuji knew about this, he went to the neighboring dojo and killed 67 people. He beat the people to pulp that according to those who had witnessed the scene said that they could no longer recognize the faces of those people. When Muzan heard about the incident, he was disappointed to discover that it was done by a human and not by a demon. He then offered Hakuji to be a demon. When he became a demon, he lost all his memories and he was given a new name Akaza.

Akaza The Demon

Akaza’s as a demon had always desired to be stronger. He did not know the reason behind it. His desire to be stronger makes him crave for stronger opponents. He acknowledge the natural strength of every Hashira that he battled. He even invited each of them to be a demon. When Hashira, even in their death would refuse Akaza to be a demon he could not understand what is the beauty of being a human.

Doma noted that Akaza would never eat nor harm women and this was later revealed that this was part of his unconscious desire. Akaza is loyal and strong, He is one of Muzan’s favorites and is entrusted with a special mission to look for the Blue Spider Lily. During the Infinity Castle Arc, Akaza told Giyu that 50 years before the event he battled a strong Water Breathing style user and he was able to kill him easily. Akaza also told Giyu that he had not met another user who has the same level until he met Giyu.

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Physical Appearance

His skin is so fair that it is green-tinged white, decorated by a pattern of thick blue lines. These thick blue lines resemble his criminal tattoo when he was still human. He has bright pink hair, inward tilting yellow eyes, and pink eyelashes. His blue sclera looks like cracked glass. His eyes have the kanji of Jogen (Upper Rank) and San (Three) on each of his irises. There are three curves on each side of his face. Each of the curves passes through the eyes. There is also a straight blue line that passes his forehead to the top of his nose.

Akaza is muscular and tall. There are two circular lines around his neck. He wore little clothing. He wears a purple sleeveless haori, that exposes his chest and is cut off above the waist. He pairs this with baggy white pants that are rolled just a few inches below the knee. His pants were tied with a blue rope to secure them around his waist. He is barefoot but he wears pearls around his ankles.


Akaza enjoys fighting against strong demon slayers. He is stubborn and strong-willed. Akaza likes dragging out fights. He wants to see the excellent swordsmanship and abilities of Hashira. He would purposely join the fight against Hashira and he would compliment them when they land a blow on him. He hates weak opponents but would show respect for those who are stronger than him, whether they are demons or Hashira. Akaza would always see those who have higher ranks than him to be rivals so he never got along with them.

For Hashira he had fought who have strong skills and abilities, he would always offer them to become demons. When he fought Tanjiro and Giyu during the Infinity Castle Arc he complimented their skills. He remembers that Tanjiro is far weaker than he is now than the first time they met. He told Giyu about the Water Breathing style user he fought 50 years ago who equals Giyu in strength, skills, and abilities. Akaza wanted to become the strongest and he was able to overcome his weakness of being decapitated with a Nichirin Sword.


Akaza is one of the strongest demon being able to hold the Upper Moon 3 rank. His martial arts skills are better than most that he can use this to outmatch the swordsmanship of Hashira he came face to face with. Akaza can sense fighting spirit so he can predict the moves of his opponent. This was proven true when he defeated the Flame Hashira and countless Hashira before Kyujuro. His opponents must create countermeasures or else he is almost impossible to defeat because he can easily discern the weakness of his opponents.

Akaza honed his sensory abilities. His Compass Needle can easily identify where his enemies are. He can sense them, even after he was beheaded, he can still easily locate Giyu and Tanjiro’s location. When he gets caught, he can manipulate his flesh. He can detach parts of his body and regrow them. His body is also highly durable. even the Nichirin Sword could not easily slice through it. If a style is strong enough to be able to detach a part of his body, he can use his regeneration to make sure that he will be able to grow those parts.

Strength, reflexes, and speed are a few of his other abilities that are similar to most demons. His Blood Demon Art is Destructive Death which combines his martial arts, which he learned when he was human, and shockwave-like attacks that are proven fatal and deadly. Akaza also uses Technique Development. At the beginning of the battle, he would use a stance that is unique to the Soryu style. He is a master of hand-to-hand combat.

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