Demon Slayer – Aoi Kanzaki

General Information

Japanese Voice Actor: Yuri Ehara

English Voice Actor: Reba Buhr

Age: 16

Manga Debut: Chapter 48

Anime Debut: Season 1 Episode 23

Race: Human

Gender: Female

Status: Alive


Like most of the demon slayers in the series, Aoi lost her family when the demons attacked them. She was then taken to the butterfly mansion and works as an apprentice under Shinobu Kocho. She is a part of the butterfly mansion and she is even responsible for the name of Kanao. Kanae and Shinobu do not know which name they should give her. They wrote different names on the piece of paper and when Kanao is supposed to pick the paper containing the word “Kamasu”, Aoi changed the paper and put the paper with the word “Kanao”.

She is well versed in medical knowledge but she lacks confidence. She always reiterates to people that she is not as useful as the full-fledged demon slayers and what she is doing is not much of a contribution. She was able to pass the Final Selection. She did not become a demon slayer because she attributed her passing the exam to pure luck. She does not have the confidence in her ability to fight and defend despite being a Water Breathing style user, so she opted to become a healer. This was the best decision for her as she was regarded as one of the best healers in the series and one with vast knowledge in medicine.

Aoi was first seen during the Rehabilitation Arc. She was one of the people who took care of the group of Tanjiro. Her vast knowledge was proven useful when she was able to repair the box of Nezuko that Sanemi cut. Aoi was the one responsible for Tanjiro, Zenitsu, and Inosuke when they were brought to the butterfly mansion for recovery.

She is the strictest person in the butterfly mansion. This is no surprise as she is responsible for her training regimen. Aoi is capable of analyzing the need of the patient and designing a training regimen for them to recover quickly and learn new skills. This was shown when the trio was brought to the butterfly mansion and she created different training exercises for them so they can recover quickly.

Aoi was the one who always takes care of the trio when they were injured. After the Mugen Train Arc and even during the fight in the Red Light District. When Aoi was picked by Tengen to go undercover in the Red Light District. Tengen even called her a useless member of the Demon Slayer Corps. When Tanjiro interrupted Tengen, he explained to Tanjiro that he needs a female demon slayer to go undercover. Upon hearing this, the trio volunteered in her place.

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Aoi Kanzaki

Inosuke had always been harsh on Aoi. When Tanjiro and Zenitsu beat her, they did not pour over the tea to her saying that she is a lady. Inosuke did the exact opposite. After volunteering to go undercover in the Red Light District, their relationship started to change. After returning from the mission on Red Light District, Inosuke was badly poisoned. Seeing Inosuke, Aoi was sad and thought that it was too late to stop the bleeding. As her tears start to fall, it was shown that Inosuke was not that hurt at all and is still capable of messing around.

It was implied in the manga that Aoi and Inosuke ended up together. Aoba Hashibira has the kanji of Aoi’s name and has the last name of Inosuke. Aoba became a botanist and has the same hair as Aoi. Though the relationship between Inosuke Hashibira and Aoi Kanzaki is not confirmed, the appearance of Aoba in the last chapter of the manga had fans speculating that Aoi and Inosuke ended up together.

Physical Appearance

Aoi is shorter than an average girl. She has the typical height of a tsundere anime girl. She has straight black hair that is parted and tied into twin tails. These twin tails are held in place by a butterfly clip. She wears the standard demon slayer uniform. Over her uniform, she wears a white nurse dress and a blue sash around her waist.


Aoi seldom smiles. She is a strict teacher who always wanted things to get done her way. She would shout at people for failing their training. Aoi would stop at nothing until her students would succeed. When most of the tsundere anime girls are useless and do nothing but shout and complain, she is pretty useful. Her knowledge in medicine had proven time and again how she can save the lives of her fellow demon slayers.

She had been looked down on by a lot of demon slayers for not being able to fight. She pays no heed to whatever other people think as she only wants to help them when they are in distress. She cares so much for her family and friends. Despite not being able to always express her feelings, some events show her emotion. When Inosuke was as good as dead after infiltrating the Red Light District she cried. Another incident was when she showed how much she appreciates the stay of Tanjiro, Inosuke, and Zenitsu in the Butterfly Mansion.


She is a Water Breathing style user. After passing the final selection she opted not to be part of the Corps but instead helped in the Butterfly Mansion. Despite not having confidence in her swordsmanship, she has a good fighting ability. She does not spend any time on personal training and missions. She does not have to carry around a Nichirin Sword as most demon slayers as this is not needed in her current job.

Aoi has excellent research ability. She works with Shinobu in creating medicines and potions that could be of great help to the other members of the Demon Slayer Corps when they get injured. She does not do physical training but she does a lot of training under Shinobu in creating simpler medicine that acts as first aid for demon slayers.

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