Demon Slayer – Daki

Demon Slayer Daki 1024x536, Demon Slayer Earrings

“No! No! No! You cannot leave me! You mustn’t leave me! We have to stay together! No matter how many times I might be reborn, I will always be your sister!”

General Information

  • Japanese Voice Actor: Miyuki Sawashiro
  • English Voice Actor: N/A
  • Age: 13 (Human) 133+ (Chronologically)
  • Manga Debut: Chapter 59 (Partial Appearance) Chapter 73 (Full Appearance)
  • Anime Debut: Season 2 Episode 10
  • Race: Demon
  • Gender: Female
  • Status: Deceased


Born in the Rashomongasi (Lowest Caste) area of the Red Light District, Ume (Daki) was meant to be discriminated against since birth. Rashomongasi area, sick prostitutes, geishas, and oirans who could no longer work in brothels were sent to die.

Ume’s mother was one of the prostitutes in the area. She had given birth to her brothers a few years back. Her father was never known. Their mother is mentally unstable and attempted to kill herself and her brother numerous times but failed.

Her brother, Gyutaro, had been caring for her since birth. Her mother hated her because of the color of her eyes and hair. When her mother tried to cut her hair using a razor, her brother went on the rampage, and since then, their mother has distanced herself from them.

From that time to their mother’s death, the siblings had been together, and they fended for themselves. Gyutaro acted as the collector for Ume. Earning money is not difficult for them as Ume has such a beautiful face.

When Ume smiles, she is showered with gifts from men and women, so she is called Shiraume. When Ume reached her teens, she was recruited by one of the Entertainment District’s High-Class Brothels.

She was fed the finest food, given the best clothes, and educated. While Gyutaro was collecting debt, a samurai, a customer of Ume, insulted her brother. Ume poked the eye of the samurai. In retaliation, the samurai tied her down and burned her.

When Gyutaro arrived, he tried to save his sister but was discovered by the samurai and the manager of the establishment Ume work. The manager and samurai attempted to kill the siblings, but Gyutaro got their best and killed them instead.

Gyutaro carried Ume’s body around while asking for help, but nobody helped them. When Gyutaro almost gave up, Doma, the Upper Moon 6 at that time, pitied them and turned them into demons.

Daki The Demon

Daki continued to an Oiran after she became a demon. She continues to work in the Red Light District, transferring from one house to the other every decade. As she continued to haunt the district, she and her brother’s effort was finally noticed by Muzan.

He made her and her brother Upper Moon six, a shared rank. She insisted on having him on her name. Over the years, there had been talking around the Red Light District about an Oiran of exceptional beauty and ill-temper. Despite her changing houses, there are still talks all over the district about a certain woman who does not age.

Daki would devour the best and finest in the district. That includes the best geisha and oiran in the house where she will be working. Aside from the finest in the district, she would defeat, kill and eat every Hashira sent her way, that is, until Tengen Uzui.

She was able to eat seven Hashira in her life as a demon. She was greatly feared in the district by staff and co-workers. This results in prostitutes committing suicide because of their bullying.

Demon Slayer Daki 1024x536, Demon Slayer Earrings

Two days before the group of Tengen Uzui arrived in the Red Light District; she killed the manager of the Kyoguko house, the current house where she works as an oiran. Omitsu, the manager of Kyoguko house, confronted Daki over her abusive attitude.

Omitsu even told Daki that she knew about her past. Daki then brought Omitsu above the district and dropped her to her death. When Daki returned to her room, Muzan was there visiting her. After congratulating her for her newfound strength, Muzan embraced her in his arms and was told to hunt down and kill Nezuko.

Physical Appearance

Daki is an extremely seductive woman. She has a curvy body that compliments her height, pale-skinned, lime green eyes, and long eyelashes. Her long white hair with a lime green ombre at the bottom is held in a ponytail.

There are three kanzashi hairpins on each side to hold the ponytails. On her left eye is Jogen (Upper Rank) engraved, and on her right eye is Roku (Six), which shows her rank in Muzans league of demons. Daki is always disguised as an oiran, so she wears a beautiful kimono.

When not disguised as an oiran, she would wear pink panties tied to the side and pink clothing to cover her chest. She wears pink thigh-high stockings and three-legged shoes. When Gyutaro awakens, he implants his eyes on her forehead upside-down.


Daki enjoys torturing her prey before killing and eating them. She takes pride in being a demon and how beautiful she is. She does not show any remorse over people taking suicide because of her. She thinks highly of herself and does not want people she looks down on to talk to her.

She is very seductive as a courtesan. Being ill-tempered, she would lash out at anybody who would get in her way. She displays a brattish and childish attitude, especially toward her male clients, so that they would shower her with gifts.

Her abusive behavior resulted in her co-worker’s suicide. She was a sociopath. She is known for being aggressive towards anybody. She enjoys harassing people and blames them for her actions. She would blame her co-workers when she turned violent towards them, saying they had made a mistake, so she became violent.

Daki is bossy, and she acts like the owner of the house she is working with. The masters of the house even had to bow down to her to calm her.

She has a fear of fire, and this is shown during her fight with Nezuko. Despite her demeanor towards others, she was extremely loyal to Muzan. She is also caring for her brother Gyutaro. She always adored her brother and even cried when they separated. She would rather spend time in hell for eternity than be in heaven without him.


Having killed seven Hashira in the past only shows her extraordinary strength and skills in combat. She can manipulate her flesh in the form of an obi sash that serves as a weapon for attack and defense at the same time.

She is a difficult opponent as she is immune to the Nichirin sword. The theory of her immunity revolves around Gyutaro being inside her or the core implanted within her. Gyutaro being inside her also enhanced her perception ability, regeneration, speed, and reflexes.

Daki has an intellect above average. She can devise a tactic to defeat her enemies. In battle, she would shape-shift and use her hair to extend to fend off her enemies. Daki shares her body with her brother Gyutaro. Having shared biology still makes her a skilled courtesan, and she can still be highly seductive.

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