Demon Slayer – Doma

Demon Slayer Doma 1024x536, Demon Slayer Earrings

“So that’s why I saved her! She’s not feeling any more pain, nor is she suffering. There’s nothing to be afraid of. You know everyone’s afraid of dying. And that’s why I eat them all up. Now they get to live together with me forever. All the feelings of my worshippers, blood, flesh, I made sure to accept, rescue, and guide them all to enlightenment.”

General Information

  • Japanese Voice Actor: N/A
  • English Voice Actor: N/A
  • Age: 20 (Human) 133+ (Chronologically)
  • Manga Debut: Chapter 96 (Flashback) Chapter 98 (Full Appearance)
  • Anime Debut: N/A
  • Race: Demon
  • Gender: Male
  • Status: Deceased


When Doma was born, the color of his eyes was that of a rainbow. His parents crafted a story that he could talk about with the gods. With this, they built a cult where Doma was the leader until he died. He was believed to have supernatural powers.

He was a sociopath since birth. He was devoid of any emotion. When his mother caught his father cheating, she stabbed him and killed herself. All this happened before Doma, but he felt no emotion toward it. He hates the mess that the suicide had caused. He had the room cleaned before the stench of blood would stick.

When Doma turned 20, he met Muzan, who made him into a demon, and Doma remains to be the leader of his cult Eternal Paradise. When he became a demon, he would devour his female followers, believing that women are more delicious as their bodies are used to nurture babies.

Doma loves eating younger women who are members of his cult, except the mother of Inosuke, Kotoha Hashibira. Kotoha was married to an abusive husband. Her mother-in-law is also abusive.

After she gave birth to Inosuke, Kotoha ran away from home. Having no family to go home to, Kotoha sought shelter in the Eternal Paradise temple among the followers of Doma. Her husband and mother-in-law ran after her.

Doma killed them because he got irritated by how noisy they were. Kotoha later discovered that Doma was lying to his followers, and he was eating them. She ran away from him, and when she reached the end of a cliff, she threw Inosuke onto the cliff to save him. Doma then devoured her.

Doma was the one who made the siblings Gyutaro and Ume (Daki) into demons. He met them while an Upper Moon 6 and was looking for a geisha to eat in the Red Light District. Doma had eaten countless Hashira.

When he was face to face with Shinobu Kocho, he proudly told her that he was saddened for not being able to eat Kanae back then. This angered Shinobu, but Doma ate her. The amount of poison in the body had weakened Doma.

Upon seeing Shinobu being eaten by Doma and not showing remorse, Inosuke attacked Doma. Kanae and Inosuke teamed up to beat Doma. They were successful when Kanae was able to cut off Doma’s head.

Demon Slayer Doma 1024x536, Demon Slayer Earrings

Physical Appearance

He is a tall, muscular man with pale skin and unusually long pointed nails. His hair is gold or silver and is parted to the left. He has the best color of eyes, which makes his eyes the most beautiful.

His eyes are made of rainbow-colored pastel, and his irises would fade into these different colors. The kanji for Jogen (Upper Rank) and Ni (Two) is etched on each of his iris. He has extremely thick eyebrows.

He wears a blood-red turtle neck with a design that has a section where it looks like a black substance dripping slightly from his upper chest down to his body. This kind of design can also be seen from his wrists to his hands.

His head is adorned with a circular bloodstain. He wore straight, tan hakama pants with a pinstriped design. The cuffs of his pants are loose. His pants are secured by a belt with the color of gold, but the buckle uses silver. For his feet, he uses black tabi socks.


Doma is friendly, approachable, and carefree. He loves to talk to people and ask about them. He believes that the people he ate are lucky as they can live in his body forever. Being a sociopath, Doma enjoys murdering people.

He devours women who are part of his cult. He looks down on humans believing that they are stupid and pathetic. He has a keen intellect making him calculating and cold giving him an unassuming demeanor.

Doma. When he was decapitated through the combined efforts of Kanao, Inosuke, and Shinobu, he felt insulted by being killed by these lowly humans.

Doma is devoid of any emotion. He would fake any emotion to easily deceive the people around him, especially his cult followers. He is so apathetic that he is so good at lying. In his battle against Kanao, she insulted him and his lack of emotion.

When Kanao insulted him, he dropped his friendly facade and tried to kill her. Not only is he apathetic, but he also possesses a masochistic pain tolerance. This is shown when he sticks his finger inside his brain to simulate memories. He would also stick his fingers inside his temple, and he would not feel any pain at all.

He does not believe in any that his cult teaches. He does not believe in Buddha, gods, or even the afterlife. He believes that there is nothing after death. He only cares about his followers as he grooms them to be his meals.

However, when he died, he believed that heaven and hell existed. He also expressed his first emotion when he stated that he found Shinobu cute.


Doma is the second strongest Kizuki, as he is second in rank and the third strongest in the existence of demons. His Demon Blood Art is so powerful that he easily defeats Shinobu. In the past, he had no trouble defeating Kanae.

Even with the combined effort of Kanao and Inosuke, Doma can still easily defeat them. The only challenge for Doma was he was heavily poisoned when he consumed Shinobu, so he was decapitated by Kanao. Doma even stated that Akaza, the Upper Moon 3, would have no chance against him.

Doma can absorb the human body. He does this in the middle of a battle to avoid wasting time eating them. Being a demon that had consumed so many humans that his abilities, like his reflexes, strength, and speed.

Doma is also extremely durable. A Nichirin Sword could not decapitate him. He has extreme speed that he can dodge the close-range attacks of Akaza. Doma is a good strategist with a keen intellect. Even in a long battle, Doma can easily last since he has unlimited endurance.

Doma uses dual Japanese war fans. He combined using it with his martial arts, also known as Tessenjutsu. His fans are fashioned from his flesh, so he uses it to enhance his demon blood art. His proficiency in martial arts is so exemplary that he is beyond the league of Akaza. His expertise allows him to use different fan techniques in a split second.

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