Demon Slayer – Gyomei Himejima

Demon Slayer Gyomei Himejima 1024x536, Demon Slayer Earrings

“No one becomes a Hashira with such a half-hearted determination. That horrible insult… makes me boil with anger. I don’t need to understand it. We are proud to live and die as human beings. Don’t act like your worthless ideas are supreme and force them on others.”

General Information

  • Japanese Voice Actor: Tomokazu Sugita
  • English Voice Actor: Crispin Freeman
  • Age: 27
  • Manga Debut: Chapter 44
  • Anime Debut: Season 1 Episode 21
  • Race: Human
  • Gender: Male
  • Status: Deceased


Gyomei was born blind. That is why his eyes do not have black on them. He became a caretaker of a temple and nine other children at a young age. Before sunset, he would burn wisteria flowers to ward off demons.

One time, one of the orphan children, wanders off, and for him not be eaten by the demon, he sells out his comrades instead. The child put aside the burnt wisteria and welcomed the demon to the monastery. Immediately four of the orphans were eaten.

Gyomei immediately instructed the remaining four to hide behind him so he could protect them.

The other children, seeing how the other four were eaten and their blind caretaker did not do anything about it, decided to run. Those three children were eaten too. The only child left was the youngest, Sayo, who hid behind Gyomei.

When the demon attacked them, Gyomei fought with the demon, got a wound on his forehead, and later beat the demon until the sun rose and the demon was killed. When he fought with the monster, he discovered his extraordinary strength.

When the villagers came to help, Sayo pointed at Gyomei, saying he was the monster, and ate all the children. The villagers then put Gyomei in prison, and when he was about to be executed, Oyakata arrived and saved him.

Gyomei trained to be a demon slayer. Two months after joining the Corps, he became the Stone Hashira. Gyomei had arrived in the lives of many demon slayers. He had saved a lot of them.

Even for Hashira, like Kanae and Shinobu, he was the one who rescued them when they were attacked. There was more incident where he saved many people. As a leader of the Hashira, he is the strongest and the tallest. He does not use a Nichirin sword.

When Tanjiro and Nezuko arrived at the Ubuyashiki mansion, he took pity on them when Sanemi forced Nezuko to drink his blood while Obanai restrained Tanjiro. During the Mugen Train Arc, after arriving and seeing the dead body of Kyojuro, he immediately says a prayer.

After Tanjiro visited the Swordsmith Village, there was a fight between Sanemi and Giyu when Giyu refused to participate in the Hashira training. Gyomei had to stop Sanemi from getting into a fight with Giyu.

Demon Slayer Gyomei Himejima 1024x536, Demon Slayer Earrings
Gyomei Himejima

Despite not agreeing on the training, the Hashira Training still commenced. Gyomei’s training was one of the hardest to finish. There are three steps: first to meditate under the waterfall, next is to carry a log on one shoulder and last is to push the rock through a nearby village.

This is to strengthen the core. In this training, Gyomei opened up about his experience while still caring for the children, how he lost the children to the demon, and how he discovered how strong he is.

During the Infinity Castle Arc, he saw how the Ubuyashiki residence exploded and then provided backup to Tamayo, who successfully injected Muzan with poison that could significantly poison him. When Oyakata died, Gyomei remembers how they first met when Oyakata was only 14 and he was 18.

In his battle against Kokushibo, while there are four of them against the Upper Moon 1, they still find it difficult to defeat him. When they landed a blow and finally cut off his head, it was then that they won against him, but with two demon slayers, Genya and Muichiro, losing their lives.

In the final battle against Muzan, Gyomei, along with other Hashira, lost their lives in a cause that would end the life of the Demon King.

Physical Appearance

Before he became a demon slayer, Gyomei was a small skinny boy. As a demon slayer, he is the biggest and tallest. He towers over everyone. He has a horizontal scar across his forehead. He is born blind, so he does not have any iris.

He wears the typical uniform of a demon slayer, black and white. Over his shins were bandaging similar to a kyahan and white zori. There is also an olive green happi draped over his shoulders. The collared frame of happi is written in the kanji for Japanese Nianfu or Shin buddha Chant, which says Namu Amida Butsu. He wears a large beaded necklace.


Gyomei may look intimidating, but he is sensitive, soft-spoken, and sensitive. He carries around with him prayer beads giving off his pious attitude. He can cry over the pettiest things. He does not easily trust others because of his previous experience.

Just like any Hashira, he shows utmost respect to Kagaya Ubuyashiki. Gyomei values principles that make him the great Hashira that he is. He always helps others and feels sad over the death of his fellow Hashira.


Gyomei is the strongest demon slayer in the Demon Slayer Corps. He achieved the rank of a Hashira only two months after joining the Corps. His physical abilities had reached their peak, and Kokushibo even offered him to be a demon to preserve a body that he had worked so hard for.

Among the ranks of Hashira, Gyomei is one of the strongest combatants. He has a demon slayer mark that further enhances his skills and abilities. He can change the color of his weapon to bright red and use Transparent World, which allows him to see the movement of his enemies.

Despite being huge, he has good reflexes and speed. He also has immense strength. Kusarigamajutsu is the fighting style of Gyomei. He does not use a sword like other demon slayers. Instead, he uses a kusarigama.

A kusarigama is a weapon consisting of a scythe and a heavy iron weight connected with a metal chain. Stone breathing is a technique he either learned himself or from a cultivator, but Gyomei is his generation’s most skilled Stone Breathing user.

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