Demon Slayer – Kanao Tsuyuri

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General Information

Japanese Voice Actor: Reina Ueda

English Voice Actor: Brianna Knickerbocker

Age: 16

Manga Debut: Chapter 6

Anime Debut: Season 1 Episode 4

Race: Human

Gender: Female

Status: Alive

We can say that Demon Slayer is already a cult series quickly, thanks to the millions of fans who follow it today. Demon Slayer has an almost infinite mythology of characters that form the backbone of this unprecedented success. One of these central characters that generates the adoration of many fans is Kanao Tsuyuri.

Kanao Tsuyuri is a demon slayer who joined the Corporation simultaneously as Tanjiro, Zenitsu, and Genya. Kanao is the tsuguko, apprentice and eventual successor, of Shinobu Kocho, who is training her as the next Hashira of the Insects. Kanao earned this condition by being an exceptional fighter.

Within the Demon Slayer universe, Kanao Tsuyuri has a significant role, and many fans link her sentimentally with Tanjiro Kamada. But if we want to know more about this fantastic character, we invite you to continue reading this article.

What Are Kanao Tsuyuri’s Main Physical Features?

Kanao Tsuyuri is a teenage girl with large purple eyes and thick eyelashes. Kanao’s hair is straight and black, and she has a ponytail tied on the side of her head, held in place by a green and pink butterfly ornament. This ornament formerly belonged to Kanae Kocho. Kanae wears a straight fringe with two loose strands that go past her ears and curl down to her chin.

Kanao wears a different version of the demon slayer uniform in the series. This uniform has a slight touch of purple, and instead of Hakama pants, she wears a pleated skirt that reaches her knees. Over the uniform, she has a short white cape on one side with a pink triple knot.

After the “Entertainment District Arc,” Kanao has a subtly different appearance, as she no longer wears the white cape and remains only in the demon slayer uniform.

After the battle confronting her with the Superior Moon 2, Kanao’s hair changes color to black with degraded pink tips. After this battle, Kanao stops using Kanae’s hair clip and changes it for Shinobu’s since Kanae’s hair clip broke at the end. Another consequence of this battle was that Kanao lost the ability to see out of her right eye because she used a hazardous technique that damaged her eyesight.

Kanao Tsuyuri 02 1024x536, Demon Slayer Earrings
Kanao Tsuyuri

How Old Is Kanao?

Kanao Tsuyuri is 16 years old in the series, and her birthday is May 19th. Kanao is three years older than Tanjiro.

Who Is Older, Tanjiro or Kanao?

As we reviewed in the previous section Kanao is 16 years old. In comparison, Tanjiro Kamado is 13 years old, so Kanao is older by three years.

Understanding The Personality of Kanao Tsuyuri

At the beginning of the series, Kanao is a reserved and indecisive teenager because she suffered abuse before meeting the Kocho sisters. Kanao could not make her own decisions and tried to limit her emotions, at least in front of others. Kanae helped her by giving her a coin to flip whenever she could not make a decision.

As time went by, Kanao continued to show little emotion. However, witnessing what the demons did to Aoi, Kiyo, and other loved ones of Shinobu, awakened in her a feeling of extreme hatred against the demons.

At the beginning of this path, Shinobu trained Kanao to cut off the demons’ heads without thinking almost automatically due to his lack of willpower. However, after a while, Kanao eventually developed her desire to fight.

Despite her apparent lack of feelings or will, Kanao defied Kanae and Shinobu’s recommendation. She decided to try out for the Final Selection for motivation, reflecting a marked improvement in his unwillingness and decision-making.

Between the period occupied by Kanae’s death and the “Rehabilitation Training Arc,” he may recover a little. Still, he continues to be unwilling to make decisions. She acts mechanically in conversations, such as when she and Tanjiro say goodbye. But with time, she manages to get rid of her armor and makes her own decisions. She also works to speak in a more direct way and without so many detours.

Gradually, Kanao begins to express her emotions more openly. She says relief that Tanjiro is recovering from his injuries when she tells Shinobu that she wants to train with her or fears Shinobu’s plan to defeat Doma.

It is interesting to see how Kanao sadistically rejoices during the battle against Doma. Kanao verbally attacks Doma with hateful and spiteful speech, which makes Doma drop his usual indifferent demeanor. We can also see how Kanao shows determination and grief for her family as she cries for the first time after Shinobu’s death.

In the ensuing battles and situations, Kanao shows anger, fear, sacrifice, solidarity, and love toward her companions, especially Tanjiro, demonstrating that she overcame all his past traumas.

Is Kanao In Love With Tanjiro?

The first encounter between Kanao and Tanjiro occurs during the Final Selection. In this encounter, Kanao practically ignores Tanjiro, and there is no interaction between these characters. Sometime later, on Mount Natagumo, Tanjiro and Kanao confront because Tanjiro tries to protect Nezuko. The result of this confrontation is that Kanao knocks Tanjiro unconscious.

In the final battle against Muzan Kibutsuji, Kanao is the only demon slayer who remains conscious and tries to continue the fight. Just as Muzan is about to strike the final blow, Tanjiro immobilizes him and manages to carry Kanao to safety. This moment represents a pivotal emotion between Kanao and Tanjiro that reveals their love for each other.

But the reality is that you can appreciate this couple’s relationship in the manga, where Kanao and Tanjiro end up together and have adorable children as the seal of their love.

How Does Kanao Tsuyuri Die?

No, Kanao Tsuyuri does not die in Demon Slayer; this character will survive until the end of the series. In the “Infinite Castle Arc,” Kanao arrives just as Doma absorbs Shinobu. However, the Insect Hashira’s poison significantly weakens the Upper Moon 2 demon, which causes Kanao and Inosuke Hashibira to defeat Doma.

The problem is that Kanao uses the final form of the Flower Breath: the Equinoctial Vermillion Eye to defeat Doma. This technique caused both of her eyes to turn red from the blood to react much faster, which caused Kanao to lose her left eye in this fight.

Moments later, Kanao would use her other eye for the final form of Flower Breath. Kanao reacted with incredible speed to give the Tanjiro-turned-demon the last potion Shinobu and Tamayo made. This potion made Tanjiro regain control of his body.

The penultimate chapter of the series does not clarify the state of Kanao’s eyesight. We only know that Tanjiro asks her about it, and she only says that she is not entirely blind.

Kanao Tsuyuri 03 1024x536, Demon Slayer Earrings
Kanao Tsuyuri

Who Is Kanao’s Voice Actor?

Reina Ueda is the actress who voices Kanao Tsuyuri in Japanese as of 2019. Reina is a voice actress and singer born in 1994 in Tomoya, Japan. Aside from her work in Demon Slayer, Reina has an extensive background in the anime world that also includes:

  • Kisa Soma from Fruits Basket.
  • Jiro, the child Hideyoshi Nagachika, Taguchi, and Misato Gori from Tokyo Ghoul and Tokyo Ghoul Root A.
  • Elena Arshavina from World Break: Aria of Curse for a Holy Swordsman.
  • Ruri from Dr. Stone.
  • Naru Sekiya from Hanayamata.
  • Hane Sakura from Bakuon!!.
  • Meika Katai frpm Mikagura School Suite.

Briana Knickerbocker is the English voice of Kanao Tsuyuri.

A Final Thought About Kanao Tsuyuri

It is not incorrect to express that, along with Tanjiro Kamado, Kanao Tsuyuri is one of the most interesting evolutionary character arcs of the whole series. Kanao began her journey as a person who is closed in on herself, indecisive and insensitive. But her journey finishes showing us a wide range of feelings without restraint and with an enviable determination, making her, without a doubt, one of our favorite characters in Demon Slayer.

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