Demon Slayer – Kyojuro Rengoku

Demon Slayer Kyojuro Rengoku 1024x536, Demon Slayer Earrings

“Growing, aging, and dying is the beauty of short-lived creatures called humans.”

General Information

  • Japanese Voice Actor: Satoshi Hino (Adult) / Mariya Ise (Child)
  • English Voice Actor: Mark Whitten (Adult) / Ryan Bartley (Child)
  • Age: 20
  • Manga Debut: Chapter 44
  • Anime Debut: Season 1 Episode 21
  • Race: Human
  • Gender: Male
  • Status: Deceased


Kyojuro Renguko, the Flame Hashira, came from a generation of Flame Hashira. His father, Shinjuro Renguko, was the one who trained him. His brother Senjuro Renguko trained alongside him. His brother is meant to be his Tsuguko, but due to Senjuro’s lack of talent, there was no one known to inherit the Flame Breathing style.

Kyojuro grew up in a strict environment. Growing up in a household that produced Flame Hashiras for generations, he had to be one of the best and befitting of the title Hashira.

When Tanjiro and Nezuko were brought to the Ubuyashiki Estate, Kyojuro immediately agreed to kill Tanjiro. His reason was that, as a member of the Demon Slayer Corps, Tanjiro should not be siding with the demon.

His strong sense of justice made him decide that even though they are siblings, Tanjiro should not be taking care of a demon. When Tanjiro headbutted Sanemi and Mitsuri laughed, Kyojuro looked at Mitsuri without reacting.

After Tanjiro, Zenitsu, and Inosuke recovered, they were sent to provide backup to the Hashira investigating the disappearance in Mugen Train. He is sent alongside the three younger members of the Corps.

While boarding the train, Kyojuro happily ate his eleventh box of bento. When Tanjiro and his friends caught up with him on the train, he was asked what he knew about Hinokami Kagura. Kyojuro told Tanjiro that he knew nothing about Hinokami Kagura, and it was his first time hearing about it.

Kyojuro is delighted that Tanjiro could use his father’s dance when he was fighting. Kyojuro even invited Tanjiro to be his Tsuguko. Tanjiro did not answer him but instead told him to slow down and help him get an answer to his question.

Kyujuro went on to explain to Tanjiro the long history of Flame Breathing. He further explained that in every generation of Hashira, there is always a Water Breathing and Flame Breathing style user. When he learned about the color of the sword of Tanjiro, he proceeded and told him that he had not met anybody who had a black sword and had become a Hashira.

He explained that most demon slayers with black blades are unsure what kind of breathing style they will use. He told Tanjiro not to worry about it since, after their mission, he will be training Tanjiro in his home.

While they were discussing, the conductor came to stamp their tickets. Then Tanjiro smelled something unusual, and Kyojuro sensed something too. A demon appeared from the back of the carriage and was beheaded by Kyojuro using his Flame Breathing style.

Aside from the demon that was just killed, there was another demon, and Inosuke charged forward. When the demon almost attacked him, Kyojuro used his breathing style again to kill the demon. The three young demon slayers were impressed that they all wanted to be his Tsuguko, and Kyojuro just laughed and told them that he would gladly train them all.

Shortly after that, they all fell asleep. Kyojuro dreamt of going home to inform their father that he was promoted to Hashira. His father dismissed him, telling him that it was pointless as they were not bound to be great men.

He remembers that his father was not like that before, but he changed so much after the death of their mother. As he came out of their house, his brother happily greeted him.

Senjuro, his brother, then asked if their father was happy about his achievement. Kyojuro told his brother that their father was not happy, but that would not dishearten him.

Demon Slayer Kyojuro Rengoku 1024x536, Demon Slayer Earrings
Kyojuro Rengoku

Kyojuro continues to tutor his younger brother on how to use a sword. While these are all happening in his dream, a young girl is tying a special piece of rope to connect her to Kyojuro’s dream to destroy his core.

She located his subconscious, which was hidden behind a garden. She found herself in the blazing fire when he tore into his subconscious. It was so hot, and it was full of flames.

The girl found the core but was strangled by Kyojuro. It was his survival instinct. As Tanjiro woke up, he asked Nezuko to burn the rope connecting Hashira and the girl.

Tanjiro and Inosuke then proceed to defeat Enmu. They won against Enmu, but Tanjiro was bleeding in his abdomen. Kyojuro instructed Tanjiro to concentrate on his breathing style to reduce the bleeding.

While discussing the battle’s aftermath in the train, the Upper Moon 3 Akaza launches his attack on Tanjiro. Kyojuro defended Tanjiro with his breathing style. Despite being wounded, Akaza was able to regenerate his wounds.

The fight ensued, and the martial arts of Akaza proved superior to the Flame Breathing of Kyojuro. When Kyojuro was on his last breath, he was offered by Akaza to be a demon, which he declined. Kyojuro explained that the beauty of being human is that you can die.

Akaza told Kyojuro that if he did not become a demon, he would just kill him. He also told him that none of the Hashira he had killed ever agreed to become a demon. The next fight is a showdown of their technique.

As Kyojuro clashed with Akaza, he remembers the final moments with his mother. Ruka asked him why he was born stronger than other people. Kyojuro did not know the answer to that. Then Ruka told him that he was born stronger to protect the weak.

His last ounce of strength was focused on his final attack on Akaza. He swung his sword around Akaza’s neck, and Akaza attempted to punch Kyojuro, but the Flame Hashira was able to stop his attack. Akaza noted that Kyojuro has extraordinary strength. As the battle for strength ensues, Tanjiro sinks his blade into Akaza’s neck.

Just as Inosuke is about the attack Akaza, the demon manages to be free from Kyojuro and runs to the forest as the sun is about to rise. The Hashira fell on his knees, defeated. He told Tanjiro that he must visit his home to learn about Hinokami Kagura.

He also tells him he believed in Nezuko as he had seen her protect the humans on the train. As he died, he told his juniors to protect them. He then sees the spirit of his mother in front of him.

Physical Appearance

Kyojuro is known for his hair with the color of a flame. He is tall and has an athletic build. He wears a brown version of the Demon Slayer uniform. He wears a brown gakuran jacket, brown tattsuke-hakama pants, and a white belt around his waist.

He wore a white haori with red and yellow flame-like ridges. His father, Senjuro, once wore the same haori. He wore red kyahan with yellow flames erupting. he also wears brown tabi socks and a pair of white zori with red straps.


Kyojuro is enthusiastic and cheerful. He is friendly and has a pure heart. He strictly adheres to the morals and codes of being a demon slayer, as this had been instilled in him. He grew up on what his mother told him: he must protect the weak because he is strong.

Kyojuro values his family so much. Despite his father being cold and aggressive towards him, Kyojuro never harbored hatred and continued to be a jolly person. He has tactical intelligence, shown in how he can quickly decide when he is in the middle of battle.


Born in the family of Hashira and generations of Flame Breathing users, Kyojuro grew up being trained using a sword. He was considered a master swordsman. He masters all forms of Fire Breathing style. He was an excellent fighter.

His combat skills and quick thinking during a battle are exemplary. When his father stopped teaching him, Kyojuro learned using the guidebook on Flame Breathing. Akaza even acknowledged his strength and combat skills. His stamina and endurance are immense, as he could keep up with Akaza.

Kyojuro has an extraordinary perception as he can sense the demon while taking the train and even detect its location. During their fight in the Mugen Train, they defeated Enmu because Kyojuro has a keen intellect and can create battle tactics while he is fighting.

He knows Total Concentration Breathing that temporarily plugs wounds. This technique was proven necessary when Tanjiro got a wound on his belly during the battle against Enmu.

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