Demon Slayer – Makomo

Demon Slayer Makomo 1024x536, Demon Slayer Earrings

General Information

  • Japanese Voice Actor: Ai Kakuma
  • English Voice Actor: Ryan Bartley
  • Age: Unknown
  • Manga Debut: Chapter 5
  • Anime Debut: Season 1 Episode 3
  • Race: Human
  • Gender: Female
  • Status: Deceased


Not much is known about the history of Makomo. How she became an orphan is also unknown. She, at some point, was adopted by Sakonji, trained by him, and sent to the Final Selection Exam.

When she took the Final Selection Exam on Mt. Fujikasane, she encountered a morphed demon who claimed to have eaten a lot of Sakonji’s disciples who took the exam. The demon also said that he wanted Sakonji to be responsible for the death of the children.

Makomo, upon hearing this, got lost in her emotion. She then lost control of her movements and became one of the children the demon ripped apart. Her soul could not rest, so it went back to Sagiri Mountain.

Makomo is older than Sabito, so it was years later before she met him. When Sakonji takes on a new student, Tanjiro, Makomo, and Sabito help him cut the boulder in half. Makomo trained with Tanjiro after the latter was defeated in a sword fight with Sabito.

Makomo had been encouraging Tanjiro, telling him he could be like Sabito one day and she loves Mr. Urokodaki. While training with Tanjiro, she would correct his bad habits. Makomo was the one who taught Tanjiro Total Concentration Breathing. She told Tanjiro to train to death so he could master all the forms of breathing styles.

When Tanjiro finally cuts the boulder in half, Makomo commends him and fades into the mist. During the battle with the monster, Makomo got worried, but Sabito told him not to worry as Tanjiro was the one who cut the boulder in half.

Demon Slayer Makomo 1024x536, Demon Slayer Earrings

Physical Appearance

Makomo has pale skin, her deep eyes are cyan, and her pupils are rectangular and white. Near the bottom, they were light turquoise. Her black hair has shoulder lengths and spikes outwards. She also has short bangs.

Makomo is a short young girl who wears pink yukata with a flower dot pattern. Her haori is a dark purple that she wears over her yukata. She also wears a piece of clothing around her waist to tie her yukata. Her sandals are tied around the heel and are closed at the toe.

Her master, Sakonji Urokodaki, carved a white warding mask that she would wear. Makomo’s white warding mask has the shape of a fox shape. Her mask also has the decoration of two blue flowers painted on its left-hand side.


Makomo is a gentle girl who is quiet, patient, and kind. She has a personality opposite that of her teammate Sabito. When Makomo was training under Sakonji, he would always correct the little mistakes that she would commit.

When she was training with Tanjiro, she would also do the same. This proves how they had learned from their previous master and emulated his habits. She would even keep on telling Tanjiro how much she loves Sakonji.

She is dreamy and mysterious. When asked questions, she did not provide a direct answer but would answer dreamily. This trait of hers was shown when she was training with Tanjiro.

He would randomly ask her questions that she would not answer but would give him a dreamy answer. She trusts people who become disciples of Sakonji. She believes that anybody taken in by Sakonji is trustworthy. She placed her trust in Tanjiro to put the mind of Sakonji at ease.


As one of Sakonji’s disciples, she underwent the same training as Tanjiro. Although it is not known how long she took the training, it only showed her exemplary ability. After the extreme training with the former Hashira, she was sent off to the Final Selection Exam.

For her to be sent by Sakonji only means that she had gotten stronger and had good swordsmanship for her to be sent by Sakonji in the Final Selection Exam. When she fought a powerful morphed demon, she was told by the demon that she did not have enough power, but she was commended for her agility. Makomo also learned the Water Breathing Style.

She was able to master all ten forms. Despite being eaten by the demon, she was able to teach Tanjiro well and even encouraged him, so he could break the boulder, something the other children had not done.

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