Demon Slayer – Nezuko Kamado

General Information

Japanese Voice Actor: Akari Kito

English Voice Actor: Abby Trott

Age: 14

Manga Debut: Chapter 1

Anime Debut: Season 2 Episode 1

Race: Demon

Gender: Female

Status: Alive

The famous and well-known manga called Demon Slayer has become one of the fan favorites, especially the character Nezuko. With her vibrant pink eyes and recognizable bamboo muzzle, she becomes an interesting and essential anime protagonist. But what is so intriguing about her persona?

Nezuko is considered the deuteragonist of the anime Kimetsu no Yaiba, also popularly known as Demon Slayer. After being attacked by a demon by the name of Muzan Kibutsuji, she turns into one as well, leaving behind her humanity. This builds the storyline of Tanjiro Kamado starting his journey as a Demon Slayer and searching for a remedy for his sister.

This article will analyze interesting facts about Nezuko, her personality traits, her abilities, and her relationships. Along with these, it will also cover more in-depth information regarding her role in the series, her age, and other interesting facts regarding this character. Keep reading to find out.

Demon Slayer Nezuko

Nezuko is a small young female of fair snowy skin and prominent demon fangs that are sharp and usually covered by her bamboo muzzle. She is the youngest daughter of Tanjuro Kamado and Kie Kamado. Her family was charcoal sellers that lived in the mountains alongside her older brother Tanjiro and her siblings. Tanjiro was in charge of going to the town to sell firewood in order to help his family, and Nezuko usually helped her mother at home.

Her family was lower class, and for that same reason, certain luxuries couldn’t be afforded in order to bring food to the table. One of them was buying new clothes, which she wasn’t affected by, since she always loved helping her family and putting others’ needs in front of hers.

She also had a total of five brothers and sisters, including Takeo, Hanako, Shigeru, Rokuta, and Tanjiro Kamado being the oldest brother who always looked out for her well-being.

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Nezuko Kamado

Nezuko Physical Appearance

Nezuko is a young girl, petite in height and recognizable for her reddish-pink hair color. She wears a bamboo muzzle throughout the anime once she transforms into a demon. She has long jet-black wavy hair that reaches her waist and fades into a vibrant orange. She often wears her hair side swept and held by a pink bow, but she is often seen in other chapters with more than one.

She has an innocent, adorable, and soft appearance, which makes her look dreamy and extremely beautiful, with her distinguishable baby pink eyes that turn lighter towards her iris. When she was a human, she was recognized as a pretty girl in her hometown.

She also shows noticeable signs of transformation when her pupil appears slit and her veins become prominent around her eyes, giving her a spooky aspect, which contrasts with her angelic look. She also grows white horns that appear on her forehead to the right side, and later on, she acquires a strikingly new characteristic: the red and green vine-like design around her skin.

Throughout the manga, she wears a beautiful light pink kimono that has a hemp leaf pattern. She also uses a threaded checkered red and white hanhaba obi around her waist, alongside an orange obijime and a green obiage. Towards her calves, she uses a brownish color haori, a pair of zori shoes that have pink straps at the front, and some white socks wrapped in a black fabric that is similar to kyahan.

Nezuko’s Personality

When Nezuko was a human, she was presented as a very kind, loving, and nurturing girl. She was also completely selfless and put others before her, similar to Tanjiro’s personality. Something distinguishable about her persona is how she’s so courageous when it means protecting the people she loves from dangerous demons. She doesn’t mind putting herself in danger for the well-being of others.

However, when Nezuko turns into a demon, she gets temporary amnesia and forgets many of her old memories as a human, especially those associated with her family. She also can retain some of her human emotions and compassion thanks to the influence she had from the demon slayer crop Sakonji Urokodaki. Also, she has an overall calm and collected demeanor but might seem detached compared to her human peers.

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Nezuko’s Relationship With Tanjiro

Tanjiro is the eldest brother of the Kamado family and the only one remaining alive. Once Nezuko and Tanjiro’s family were slaughtered by the demon Muzan Kibutsuji, she turns into a Demon and protects her brother from all dangers.

Their brotherly relationship is so strong and sweet; they always look out for each other and ensure their well-being. Giyu Tomioka then recruits Tanjiro so he can become a Demon Slayer in order to avenge his family and help his sister to recover her humanity.

They also have an interesting dynamic. Nezuko has an attraction to human blood after being turned into a demon. However, she controls her natural instincts of eating human flesh and attacking humans because of her strong relationship with her brother; she doesn’t harm him. She protects him from all dangers and restrains herself from her desires which come to show how deeply she cares for Tanjiro and is slightly in touch with her human side.

Another input into their relationship is the fact that they are the only surviving members of the family that were closer and took care of one another. Even when Nezuko lets out her demon side, she can calm down thanks to Tanjiro’s voice calling her name or singing a lullaby that her mother used to sing to her. For that same reason, she is able to control her power and urge to purposefully kill or harm humans.

Nezuko’s Abilities

Nezuko is an unforgettable character. Aside from her calm and adorable personality, she also possesses incredible abilities, which makes her seem like a strong opponent. Here is a brief list of her powers:

  • Transformation: when she turns into a demon, a demonic horn on her right side of the forehead appears, as well as vine-like patterns that encircle her skin and veins visibly popping out around her eyes. Once she fully transforms, she gains superhuman strength and manages to control her natural impulses of feeding off of human blood by just hearing a lullaby from Tanjiro, her brother.
  • Superhuman strength and regeneration: these superpowers give her a physical advantage when fighting against demons, despite being untrained. She can regenerate fast and restore her limbs in seconds. She can also regain her power through sleep.
  • Alteration and Manipulation: she can easily modify her body’s height and size.
  • Resistance to sunlight: she can also manipulate demonic flames that come from her blood. This can cause incredible damage to a demon but might be inoffensive for human beings.
Nezuko Kamado 03 1024x536, Demon Slayer Earrings
Nezuko Kamado

Interesting Facts About Nezuko Kamado

How Old Is Nezuko?

Once the storyline begins, Nezuko is 12 years of age when she was a human. However, as the story progresses, she turns fourteen years old.

Who Is Nezuko Kamado’s Boyfriend?

Nezuko’s boyfriend is Zenitsu Agatsuma, who is one of the main traveling companions of her brother Tankiro Kamado and is also a Demon Slayer.

He initially developed a strong crush on Nezuko but later in the story, he is able to be calmer around her and would tell her stories of his training sessions.

He would also protect Nezuko, especially when she faced danger. Eventually, they get together and become a couple.

Why Does Nezuko Kamado Have a Bamboo Muzzle?

She wears the bamboo muzzle in order to hide her fangs from the world, and it also prevents her from attacking people if she becomes tempted and feral.

What Kind of Demon Is Nezuko?

As you may notice, Nezuko is not like any other demon. She still possesses human emotions and consciousness within her, even in her demonic state. She also doesn’t need to feed off of human blood to survive, but instead, she uses sleep to recharge herself. She also has incredible supernatural abilities like strength, adaptability to her surroundings, and manipulation of demonic flames.

Throughout the manga, we can see her incredible growth with each battle. Eventually, the strong control of her abilities and innocent persona make her one of the most powerful of her kind.

Who Is Nezuko’s Voice Actor?

The voice actor of Nezuko is Akari Kito, a well-known Japanese voice actress and singer that starred in popular mangas like Love Live!, Classmate and Friend of Hitori Bocchi, and In/Spectre.

A Final Thought About Nezuko Kamado

Nezuko, by far, is one of the fan’s favorite beloved characters due to her angelic and adorable appearance, as well as her careless and courageous personality. She possesses incredible strength and abilities that make her stand out from the rest of her kind, which is why she eventually becomes one of the most powerful demons.

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