Demon Slayer – Sabito

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General Information

Japanese Voice Actor: Yuki Kaji

English Voice Actor: Max Mittelman

Age: 13

Manga Debut: Chapter 4

Anime Debut: Season 1 Episode 3

Race: Human

Gender: Male

Status: Deceased

The story of Demon Slayer caught the whole world’s attention. The series has an irresistible formula: the story, the animation, the music, and the characters. One of the characters that arouse the most interest and fascination in public is Sabito, but who is this mysterious character?

Sabito was an outstanding student of master Urokodaki Sakonji. Sabito was also a friend of Giyu Tomioka, who was Sakonji’s strongest apprentice. In addition, Sabito was in charge of preparing the crucial training for the Final Selection Exam that Tanjiro successfully faced.

Sabito is one of the characters of Demon Slayer that arouses more mystery and curiosity among the series’ fans. But to try to know more about this admired character, today we will review his main characteristics and relationships within the series. Today we are going to meet Sabito.

What Are Sabito’s Main Physical Features?

The mysterious Sabito was a teenager of average height, neither too tall nor too short, with very fair skin. Sabito had a long scar that started at his right ear and ran down his face until it ended at the corner of his lip on the same side. Sabito had beautiful lavender-gray eyes with a purple horizontal line in the center. His eyes projected a charming look but at the same time with accentuated feline features.

Sabito’s hair was peach-colored, thick, full of spikes with irregular cuts, and had longer strands that reached his shoulders. His hairstyle was messy, with a small fringe falling on the left side of his forehead.

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Regarding his clothing, Sabito wore a green yukata with a patterned yellow and green geometric square design. At his waist, Sabito wore hakama pants with a plain white haori.

On his calves, Sabito wore two pieces of cloth with the same design as his yukata; he also wore black stockings and Japanese sandals.

Master Sakonji Urokodaki used to carve protective masks for his apprentices. In Sabito’s case, Urokodaki carved him a white protective mask with the face of a fox decorated with a scar in the same place and size as Sabito’s. The mask’s nose and eyes were a grayish-red color. Sabito could hold the mask on his head thanks to a thick piece of red rope, where the ends hung behind each ear.

How Old Is Sabito?

Although it is impossible to state Sabito’s exact age, the chronology of events would indicate that Sabito was 13 years old at the time of his death. However, by Tanjiro’s training to become a demon slayer, we can calculate that Sabito’s spirit was already 21 years old.

Understanding The Personality of Sabito

All the information about Sabito indicates that he was a teenager with a big heart and very brave. He was a generous and cheerful spirit who genuinely believed that all his actions would transform him into a good man.

However, we could also observe in him a more ruthless side of his character. This can be corroborated by his severe and strict attitude when he appears to help with Tanjiro’s training. During this training, he emphasizes all his flaws as a challenging strategy to get the best out of him.

Sabito beat Tanjiro without mercy or pause, trying to diminish him as a man. Sabito shows us his strength and incredible fighting skills during this arduous training. He can defeat Tanjiro without much effort, even though Tanjiro uses a real sword and Sabito only has a wooden sword.

Finally, Tanjiro manages to give Sabito the first blow before he can react. Sabito, in the act of nobility and generosity, immediately accepts his defeat and recognizes that Tanjiro is the strongest disciple of Sakonji. Sabito gives Tanjiro his confidence and pride and that of the rest of the lost sons of Urokodaki.

Sabito is utterly selfless, and we witness this trait when Giyu reveals that Sabito saved all of his classmates from the demons during the Final Selection exam. This act of bravery and nobility triggered the untimely end of his life.

Is Sabito Dead In Demon Slayer?

Unfortunately, the answer is yes; Sabito is dead in Demon Slayer. Sabito met Giyu Tomioka sometime between late childhood and early adolescence. This meeting occurred after Urokodaki saved him as a child. Over time, Giyu and Sabito became good friends due to the similarity of their respective backgrounds and sharing the same age. They were so close that they trained together to gain strength and fight in the final exam.

Sabito and Giyu attend the final exam, each wearing their protective masks. At the time of the battle, Sabito’s generous spirit drives him to help the rest of the participants, running up and down the mountain. Still, he encounters a powerful transformed demon that Urokodaki locked up at some point on his way. This demon wants to take revenge on Urokodaki by killing all his apprentices.

Sabito tries to kill him, but his sword breaks when it hits the demon’s neck. Sabito was left vulnerable and paralyzed, and the demon instantly took the opportunity to decapitate him. In this final examination, Sabito is the only apprentice who dies so he can save all the others. This failure and Urokodaki’s pain made Sabito’s soul return to Sagiri Mountain.

How Did Sabito From Demon Slayer Get His Scar?

Demon Slayer does not explain the origin of Sabito’s scar. However, we should remember that Sabito was an orphan child after demons killed his parents as a child. After this event, Urokodaki adopted him as a disciple and began to train him in the art of swordsmanship and the water-breath theocracy. The origin of his scar likely comes from the event where his parents died, but this is only speculation, as the series does not make it clear.

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What Is Sabito To Giyu?

Sabito and Giyu became great and inseparable friends when they were Uorkodaki’s disciples. They used to do many things together, such as training, eating, or talking about unimportant things.

Sabito is always scolding Giyu for underestimating himself and wishing he had died instead of his brother or other people.

Giyu’s attitude annoyed Sabito, who never restrained himself from giving him a good slap and a lecture. The friendship between the two was so close that Giyu went into a severe depression after Sabito’s death. Giyu went to the extreme of not accepting himself as a pillar and losing the little sparkle in his eyes.

Is Sabito Stronger Than Giyu?

Sabito and Giyu were the disciples of the Water Hashira. The two apprentices became great friends and could complement each other as they had different characteristics. Giyu was very talented, but Sabito was even more so and stood out because of his enormous strength and skill, which is why he stood out above all the disciples.

Urokodaki knew that Sabito was his most talented disciple. One evidence of his talent and strength is that Sabito defended all the participants of the final examination for a week, including Giyu Tomioka, whom he saved from the Demon of the Hands.

Sometime later, Giyu could become a mighty demon slayer. Still, we can be sure that Sabito was a much stronger disciple when both were in training than Giyu.

Sabito And Makomo

Sabito and Makomo met sometime after Sabito’s death. On the spiritual level, both appear to have a good relationship, although never at the same level as their friendship with Giyu. There is respect between the two, and they know each other’s abilities in combat.

They also share that they were both Sakonji’s disciples in life, and now on the spiritual plane, they both work as a team to help in Tanjiro’s training to become a demon slayer.

Who Is Sabito’s Voice Actor?

  • Yuki Kaji is the actor who voices Sabito in Japanese as of 2019.
  • Max Mittelman is the English voice of Sabito.

A Final Thought About Sabito

Understanding Sabito and his time in Demon Slayer, we realize he is one of the bravest and most self-sacrificing characters in the entire series. His bravery allowed other characters to survive and follow their path and destiny. Sabito also continues to help develop other apprentices, such as Tanjiro, from the spiritual plane.

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