Demon Slayer Season 2

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After losing his family to a demon attack, the anime Demon Slayer follows teenager Tanjiro Kamado, a demon hunter. After the first season, all fans wanted to continue watching this fascinating story.

Due to critical and public success, Demon Slayer will have a second season confirmed by Ufotable, the company that develops it. This confirmation happened in February 2021. Since then, all the fans have been asking when it will premiere and what will be the story behind this new plot.

The original premiere of this series was in Japan in July 2019; it crossed the borders and reached the rest of the world to become one of the most successful series in history. Continue reading this article if you want to know everything that has to do with the second season of Demon Slayer.

Is There a Season 2 of Demon Slayer?

The great answer to this question is yes; we will have a second season. This successful anime has as its main protagonist the teenager Tanjiro Kamada. He becomes a skilled demon hunter after finding his family murdered by a fearsome and powerful demon. To the relief of its massive fan base, this anime is returning for a second season.

Ufotable confirmed in February 2021 the continuation of this popular series as an adaptation of the “Entertainment District Arc,” the eighth arc and one of the most impressive of the original handle.

Haruo Sotozaki will direct Demon Slayer. As for the character design, Akira Matsushima will repeat. As for the main cast, Natsuki Hanae, Hiro Shimono, Shiori Izawa, and other talented actors will voice these fabulous characters. Additionally, Demon Slayer will release its first video game for PlayStation5, Xbox Series X, and PC this year.

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Demon Slayer Season 2

What Is The Plot of The Second Season of Damon Slayer?

The first season took place in the middle of nature. But according to the information about the second season, the characters will be much closer to urban areas. There will be a somewhat mysterious woman, and we presume that she may be an enemy of our hero.

The anime’s second season will develop the story known as the “Entertainment District Arc.” This arc is one of the most memorable arcs of this manga, and it is also one of the longest. In this arc, the demon hunters infiltrate an urban area where people know nothing about demons. In this adventure, Tanjiro, Zenitsu, and Inosuke join Tengen Uzui, the Pillar of Sound, to help him get his wives.

All the characters meet different elements and learn new technologies; this brings the plot to a climax when Daki of the Twelve Kizuki appears. This arc is vital for Damon Slayer as it evolves from episodic missions to much more in-depth combat that will later set the final stage.

The “Entertainment District Arc” occurs immediately after the tragic events of “Mugen Train.” This arc unlocks new powers for Tanjiro and Nezuko, and we see how they strengthen their relationship with Zenitsu and Inosuke. After “Mugen Train,” we can also expect a visit to Rengoku’s family, the late Pillar of Flame. We can also expect more appearances from Akaza and the most potent hunters seeking revenge for their partners.

Demon Slayer Season 2 Release Date

The second season of Demon Slayer will start airing first in Japan through Fuji TV in October 2021. The information provided reveals that they will broadcast a weekly episode every Sunday at 9:15 pm Japan time, equivalent to noon in America. Before the second season’s debut, the Japanese channel will air five compilation specials of the first season, which will also be weekly starting September 24.

This information is official from the Kimetsu No Yaiba website. However, we are sure you will clear all doubts regarding the second season on September 25. There will be an informative event on this day regarding the series’ return.

Demon Slayer Season 2 Release Date On Netflix

The world’s leading streaming network, Netflix, has not yet confirmed the broadcasting rights for the second season of Demon Slayer. But there is a high chance that we will be able to see the new episodes on Netflix. Remember that it is the most-watched show on the platform.

In the first season, we must remember that Netflix bought the broadcasting rights of Demon Slayer nine months after its release in Japan. But after the overwhelming success of this anime, it does not seem that for this season, they will wait so long to reach an agreement that represents guaranteed success worldwide.

If this new broadcast is on Netflix, we should know that the possible broadcast date will depend on the dubbing and subtitling of the series. Time may not be short whether this platform decides to broadcast the series in its original language with subtitles or wait until the dubbed versions in English and other languages are ready.

We can count on Netflix will not have Demon Slayer in exclusivity since it is a fact that the Funimation platform will broadcast the series. There is also the possibility that Crunchyroll will also join this select group.

Does Tamayo Help Tanjiro Kamado Defeat Muzan Kibutsuji?

Demon Slayer Season 2 Release Date In Crunchyroll

Four months after Ufotable confirmed a second season, Funimation announced that it would handle the series internationally. This information is not surprising, as Funimation is one of the two most popular sites to watch anime episodes worldwide.

The other site is Crunchyroll, which makes it quite likely that they will also broadcast the second season of Demon Slayer after its broadcast in Japan. However, this is not a fact yet, and there are no estimated dates. What makes the theory that Crunchyroll could also broadcast the series is that it is currently merging with Funimation.

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Demon Slayer Season 2

Demon Slayer Season 2 Release In America

Since the streaming of the series depends on Netflix finally confirming that it has bought the rights, there is still no estimated date to watch it in America. If Netflix gives us this good news, we may be able to see the new season of Demon Slayer before the end of 2021.

Other Relevant Aspects About The Second Season

Some relevant aspects related to the second season of Demon Salyer are:

  • The second season will have two parts.
  • The broadcast will occur uninterruptedly.
  • There will only be a one-week break between the two seasons.
  • The season premiere will happen in the fall and continue into the winter.
  • The second season will last six months.
  • Japan will enjoy a new episode every Sunday.
  • The second season will focus on the events in “Entertainment District Arc.”
  • The content of the second season will remain unchanged from the manga. This fact means that Demon Slayer will be uncensored, so it will not be in family time.
  • The second season connects directly to the events of the “Mugen Train” movie.

Why Can’t The Second Season Be Broadcast In The Children’s Time Slot?

The second season of Demon Slayer’s story will be about the “Entertainment District Arc.” This story arc occurs in Yoshiwara, a district of Tokyo known to be a hotspot for prostitution until 1958. When Ufotable announced the new season and the synopsis of the episodes, controversy and debate began among the Japanese press and television programs.

Many had doubts about whether the series would be the same as the manga or whether it would be changed to soften the events and enter the children’s market. The producers replied that there would be no changes and that the series would remain faithful to the actual events of the manga.

A Final Thought About The Second Season of Demon Slayer

The premiere of the new season of Demon Slayer in Japan is finally coming. It is practically a fact that the new episodes will start in October. Other streaming services, such as Netflix,, will probably announce their transmission in the short term. For now, we can only imagine the exciting plots that await us in the fabulous universe of Demon Slayer.

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