Demon Slayer – Zenitsu Agatsuma

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General Information

Japanese Voice Actor: Hiro Shimono

English Voice Actor: Aleks Le

Age: 16

Manga Debut: Chapter 6

Anime Debut: Season 1 Episode 4

Race: Human

Gender: Male

Status: Alive

Demon Slayer is a series that stands out for its fascinating characters. All the characters in the series stole our hearts, mainly because of their engaging personalities. Among all the characters, one has the audience in his pocket: Zenitsu Agatsuma.

Zenitsu Agatsuma is a demon slayer and one of Tanjiro Kamado’s traveling and fighting companions. Zenitsu is one of the series’s main characters that many fans identify with because he has more human than fantasy characteristics.

Many fans consider Zenitsu to be the most human character in the series. Despite his overwhelming terror of demons and apparent cowardice, he always rises above. He fights alongside his friends to protect them from death. For all these reasons, today, we will analyze the characteristics of the character Zenitsu Agatsuma and his journey through Demon Slayer.

What Are Zenitsu Agatsuma’s Main Physical Features?

The charismatic Zenitsu is a short-haired young man with very light skin tones. Zenitsu used to have deep black hair color, but some time ago, a lightning bolt struck him during one of his training sessions. This event caused him to bleach his hair; now Zenitsu is blond and has some orange highlights.

Zenitsu has brown eyes with thick eyebrows. Our beloved character has the traditional uniform of the demon slayers, without any customization, with a yellow haori with a design of small white triangles.

In the events of Natagumo Mountain, the demon spiders poisoned Zenitsu, reducing his limbs; fortunately, they returned to their normal state after a short recovery.

Zenitsu Agatsuma 02 1024x536, Demon Slayer Earrings
Zenitsu Agatsuma

How Old Is Zenitsu Agatsuma?

According to Kotoyaharu Gotouge, the creator of Demon Slayer, Zenitsu Agatsuma was 15 years old when he first appeared in the series. This fact means that he was most likely 16 years old at the end of his story. Another important fact is that his birthday is September 3, although it is not yet specified which year.

Understanding The Personality of Zenitsu Agatsuma

Let’s say that Zenitsu appears to be a coward by nature. Zenitsu has the sad conviction that his life will be short due to his risky job as a demon slayer. Another attractive trait of his personality is that he is quite a womanizer. He flirts with all the pretty girls and almost always goes to the extreme of asking them to marry him.

Despite being quite uninhibited with girls, he has low self-esteem. He is always in an internal struggle to meet the expectations that other people have placed on him. However, Zenitsu always runs away, crying, full of fear and insecurities. He desires to live a simple and quiet life and be helpful to anyone who needs him, which speaks to this boy’s great nobility.

The enormous respect and admiration more than compensate for Zenitsu’s lack of self-esteem for his colleagues and his late master, Jigoro Kuwajima. One of Zenitsu’s greatest motivations for overcoming his fears is avenging his master.

Zenitsu shows a constant desire to get a bride to marry throughout the series. This fact numbs his docile personality, especially when he thinks a classmate flirts with a girl he likes. In such cases, Zenitsu quickly gets upset and starts protesting hysterically, adding freshness and humor to the series. The exciting thing about Zenitsu is that despite his fears, he shows us in the series to be physically aggressive whenever he feels frustrated.

What Are Zenitsu Agatsuma’s Abilities In Demon Slayer?

Although his colorful appearance may not reflect it at first glance, Zenitsu has several abilities that allow him to be a high-level demon slayer. Let’s check them out.

Hyper-developed Hearing

Zenitsu’s sense of hearing is acute, allowing him to hear any vibration no matter how far away. As time goes by, Zenitsu’s sense of hearing reaches such a developed level that he can even hear the most hidden thoughts of any person.

The Technique of Fighting While Unconscious

Although it may seem a bit atypical, Zenitsu is much stronger when he sleeps. In every moment of danger in his life, Zenitsu falls into a feeling of fear so intense that he surpasses all limits and falls into a state of deep unconsciousness. At this moment, Zenitsu reaches his maximum potential and power; amid the deepest sleep, his swordsmanship scales to a very high-level thanks to the instinct that controls his movements.

As the story progresses, Zenitsu relies less and less on this ability to improve his courage, which makes him a very effective demon slayer even when awake.

The Lightning Breath

Zenitsu’s former master, Jigoro Kuwajima, taught him this unique technique. Zenitsu can increase his strength and agility with the Lightning Breath to put him on par with any demon. The technique has six different stances. Unfortunately, Zenitsu’s lack of talent made him learn only the first stance, the most basic within Lightning Breath. However, Zenitsu created the seventh stance, thanks to his discipline and dedication to training and practice; this new stance allowed him to defeat his fellow student Kaigaku.

Zenitsu Agatsuma 03 1024x536, Demon Slayer Earrings
Zenitsu Agatsuma

Does Zenitsu Marry Nezuko?

The Demon Slayer manga ended its story in chapter 205. In that chapter, we saw a considerable time jump that took us three generations into the future. This fact surprised everyone since it brought back many characters unexpectedly. But we can’t deny that one of the biggest surprises was the confirmation that Nezuko had children by someone who pursued her throughout the series.

This final twist implies that all the characters have died after many years and are now present in present-day Tokyo as their respective reincarnations. However, we can confirm that Zenitsu Agatsuma and Nezuko Kamado ended up having a family together as a couple. We concluded because their great-grandchildren, Yoshiteru and Toko Agatsuma, look exactly like them.

It is left to the imagination of fans of the series to speculate how Zenitsu managed to marry Nezuko. The fans can finally feel satisfied, even if it is a mystery revealed only in the last chapter and with many unanswered questions.

How Did Zenitsu Die?

To the great relief of the public, Zenitsu Agatsuma does not die at the end of Demon Slayer, at least not before the three-generation time jump. Nevertheless, this beloved character came very close to death on several occasions.

The first time fans thought Zenitsu had died at the Natagumo Mountain Arch was fighting Big Brother’s Spider Demon. In this battle, Zenitsu was poisoned, going through a lot of stress to do his Thunder Breathing technique, so much so that he vomited blood during the fight. This time Shinobu Kocho saved Zenitsu’s life by appearing in time. However, we can also say that Zenitsu saved himself when he used his full concentration breathing to delay the effect of the poison.

On another occasion, Zenitsu’s former colleague Kaigaku, now turned into a demon, attempted to assassinate him using Blood Demon Art. This event occurred in the Infinite Dimensional Fortress Arc, which has yet to happen in the anime.

Who Is Zenitsu’s Voice Actor?

Hiro Shimono is the actor who voices Zenitsu Agatsuma in Japanese as of 2019. Shimono has a long career as a voice actor; some of his works are:

  • Theo Moohnmeier in the video game Atelier Lilie: The Alchemist of Salburg 3 in 2001.
  • Ayato Kamina in the anime RahXephon in 2002.
  • Eran Vitaru in Melody of Oblivion in 2004.
  • Hiroki Rokujo in Tokko in 2006.
  • Yabe Sathosi in Mitsudomoe in 2010.

Alek Le is the English voice of Zenitsu Agatsuma.

A Final Thought About Zenitsu Agatsuma

Whether we like Zenitsu Agatsuma or not, what matters is that he is a character that leaves no one indifferent. Underneath his crazy cloak of cowardice is a young nobleman who overcomes all challenges and obstacles to help his colleagues fight against demons.

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