Demon Slayers Swords Explained

Demon Slayer (Kimetsu no Yaiba) is famous for its sword fight. Being a supernatural series, readers would be looking for extraordinary swords. They would not want to see a sword that would just cut and slice. Warriors are fighting demons, and they would need extraordinary skills and an upgrade in power to be above the rest.

What Is The Demon Slayer Sword Called?

That is where Nichirin swords and their color came into play. Nichirin swords were first introduced after the Final Selection Exam. Each of the candidates who passed the final selection needs to select an ore that will be forged into their blades.

When a candidate passed the final selection, they are each assigned a swordsmith that will be the one who will be forging their blades until they retire. That is why Tanjiro has the same swordsmith, who presented him with his blade, and even the one who repaired the blade from Yoriichi Type Zero.

There is an entire village dedicated solely to forging the blades of the demon slayers. The Nichirin blades are made from Scarlet Iron Sand and Scarlet Ore which can be obtained from a mountain closest to the sun.

Forging of the swords is not the same for everyone. Inosuke and Shinobu each have a different type of katana. Inosuke’s katana has a saw-like edge. Growing up with the beasts in the forest, his sword is speculated to replicate the teeth of animals.

Are Demon Slayer Swords Sharp?

Shinobu’s katana is also special. It is not meant to cut the neck of the demon but is meant to sting them with poison. She bragged while battling with Doma that she does not have the strength of other Hashira but she can sting demons with poison and that would be more exciting.

Shinobu further reiterated that how her sword was forged is a secret between her and her swordsmith. She was not just bluffing about it. Each demon slayer has a swordsmith. There is an entire village of swordsmiths at their disposal.

The faces of these swordsmiths are hidden under the Hyottoko masks. This is to protect their identity and the secret behind the Nichirin weapons. Aside from some special features of these blades or weapons, Hashiras have the phrase, “Destroyer of Demons” inscribed on their blades.

Aside from the special inscription on the blades of the Hashiras, some of them also used special kinds of weapons. These weapons are not necessarily swords, Tengen, Mitsuri, and Gyomei do not use the standard Katana as their weapons.

Are Breathing Styles Real?

Even Genya who is not a Hashira and cannot use any breathing style does not use a katana but instead use a single barrel shotgun which uses Crimson Iron Sand and Crimson Ore so he can still kill demons even if not using a sword.

Nichirin blades are not the only way that is used to kill demons. Putting demons under the sun is still one of the best ways to kill them, as what happened to Muzan. No matter how strong the demon is, the sun will always be their weakness, with the exemption to the Kamado siblings.

Are Demon Slayer Swords Real?

Another way to kill the demon is using Wisteria. Shinobu had utilized the use of Wisteria and infused it in her sword to kill demons. The blood of Muzan can both strengthen or kill a demon.

Nichirin sword or weapon is not just about the weapon itself but the color it transforms to. After becoming a member of the Demon Slayer Corps, recruits were given a Nichirin blade. As soon as they pull it out of the sheath or make contact with the wielder, the color would change.

The color change has a lot of factors. Emotion and breathing style are considered to be the biggest factor in the color of the blades. Some blades would color coordinate with the hair of the wielder as shown in some characters, but this is not true to all.

The intensity of the color of the blade may also vary from one user to the other. It was not known as to why the intensity of colors varies. Some of the wielders would have the same color but the intensity of the color is different.

The intensity of colors on both the swords of Zenitsu and Giyu could be of example. The blade of Zenitsu is yellow but it is not deep yellow. Giyu’s sword has a blue edge and the other part is black. Other demon slayers like Kyojuro have a deep color.

Colors of Nichirin Blades Explained

The colors of the blade also have symbolism in the real world. This had been taken into account in the series. Like pink is a symbol of love and what other colors mean.

Purple Nichirin Blade

Purple is the color of nobility and royalty. That is what Kokushibo is. Being born from a noble family he became one of the best demon slayers, he was able to awaken his demon slayer mark yet he chose to become a demon. Even as a demon, he still holds the highest rank among the demons created by Muzan.

What Color Is Kokushibou Sword?

He is still of royal stature, being respected and adored, looked up to by all the other demons. He is the demon whose rank is envied by all. They want to be like him to be close enough to their demon lord. Kokushibo has had a kind of authority since he was human and even when he turned demon, the color purple is a well-deserved color for his blade.

Light Pink Nichirin Blade

Light pink is the color that symbolizes flowers. Kanao Tsuyuri has this color for her blade. Kanao looks small and fragile but she can be deadly. She was able to use the Flower Breathing style by merely watching Kanae practice.

This shows that her small figure has a strength that can be potent. The personality of Kanao is like a flower, cute, beautiful, attractive, but flowers can be poisonous and deadly. Kanao is like a common flower, she is not the kind to stand out, but people get attracted to her beauty and gentleness.

White Nichirin Blade

White is the color of mourning. This is the emotion embodied in the Mist Hashir, Muichiro Tokito. He joined the Corps after losing his twin brother who was killed by demons. Since Nichirin blades could change color based on your strongest emotion, Muichiro became a demon slayer right after the death of his brother.

Having lost a loved one is his strongest motivation to continue to fight on. White is also the color of purity and peace. He might be mourning the loss of his brother, but he is slowly finding peace as he fights the demons.

Lavender Nichirin Blade

Lavender is the color of faithfulness. This also shows ferociousness. Obanai can be calm among humans. He would even talk about cats and would buy gifts for the woman he loves. He had been calm among his fellow Hashira and would only change when he feels jealous of the woman he loves.

When dealing with demons, he is a ferocious one. He shows no mercy when fighting demons and shows why he is a Snake Hashira. The color of his blade is a representation of his personality, faithful, calm yet ferocious.

Grey Nichirin Blade

Reliable and mature, that is what Stone Hashira is. He does not use the traditional sword or katana as a weapon but his spike fails and the ax has a grey color. For someone who had almost been hanged and accused wrongly, Gyomei still showed how he can lead the Hashiras and be respected. Despite being blind, he showed them his incredible strength.

Unless you had read the manga, then you had not yet seen the real Gyomei in action. This giant who would cry out of pity on someone can easily crush demons and was ready to go toe to toe with the strongest Upper-Rank Demon, Kukoshibo. Being in the middle of a fight, being blind, and still making sure that the other members of the Corps are alright is some quality of the leader and only shows why he got the grey Nichirin blade.

Pink Nichirin Blade

Pink is the color of love, feminity, and good health. This is also the color of cherry blossoms which is at its most beautiful during spring. Mitsuri the Love Hashira has this color for her blade. When she sought love and almost gave up who she is, she realized her true calling.

She was at her best while she is in the Demon Slayer Corps. Her spring came when she join the Corps and was able to be herself. Although she did not end up with a man, she still found the love she had been looking for.

Green Nichirin Blade

The wind can be both harsh and soft, destructive yet gives breath to life, and most of all it does not bow to anything, yet makes everything bow down to it. It is like Sanemi, the Wind Hashira. He is harsh on people, even to his brother, but he has kindness within him.

While he would scowl at the sight of his brother, he still deeply cares for him deep inside. He has a destructive nature towards demons. He wants to portray a strong personality showing that he is tough and does not care but deep inside he cares so much.

Blue Nichirin Blade

Strong, flexible, yet passive and cold. The Water Hashira has this quality. Giyu is known to be cold towards his colleagues and does not even want to participate in anything. He wants to work alone but when he was sent to work with Shinobu, he was able to immediately adjust so they would be able to complete the task.

Despite being cold, Giyu is known to take care of their colleagues and not leave them alone when they are in the middle of a fight. Both Sakonji and Giyu are formidable fighters. Sakonji was able to capture a demon alive.

Yellow Nichirin Blade

Yellow is the color of happiness. It is the color of the sun. This is also the color that represents Thunder Breathing. Zenitsu being a Thunder Breathing style user can be seen as someone always happy despite his circumstances. He is known to have survived no matter what happens.

Despite being an orphan, he is known to care deeply for the people around him. He brings joy and happiness to his friends and to the people he cares about a lot.

Red Nichirin Blade

Flame is often associated with the color red. The flaming hot lava and the boiling emotion. This signifies passion and fury. This is true for the Flame Hashira, Kyojuro Renguko. He is passionate about his job, one of the warmest people, and well-loved by his colleague.

The way he would sacrifice himself to protect the people around him. When he battles with Akaza, all to protect the members of the Corps and the survivors of the train wreck. The burning passion towards his job as the protector and demon slayer is a testament to the color of his blade, red.

Periwinkle Purple Nichirin Blade

Periwinkle is the flower of death and it symbolizes serenity and everlasting love. Shinobu the Insect Hashira modified her body to be able to carry an estimated 37 kilograms of poison. She is the flower of death. She is one of the calmest people in the Corps.

Still able to smile and be cheery even if they are battling the strongest demons. She is the calm that brings the storm. Her everlasting love for her sister made her plan ahead of time how she will inflict harm to the demon who would consume her body.

Amber Nichirin Blade

Amber is the color of boldness and energy. The Sound Hashira, Tengen Uzui is such a bold and full of energy kind of man. His Nichirin Cleavers, only shows what he is capable of doing. Although flamboyant and flashy, he is a guy who would take any battle seriously.

He makes sure that his loved ones and the people he cares for are always safe. Even when he was already infected with the poison, he was still full of energy. He is bold enough to tell the demon that he thinks she does not belong to the upper rank as she can be beheaded in an instant.

Indigo-gray Nichirin Blade

Indigo-gray is the color of the blade of the Beast Breathing User, Inosuke. He might be the loudest character in the series but he is also one of the most loyal and most sincere ones. Having a unique color of a blade only shows that he also has a unique personality. Brought up among beasts but showed how he cares about his friends is exemplary.

While he would boast of being a king of the mountain or the king among the beasts, he has nothing but a humane side on him. He would never leave his friends. The only beast side of him is when he is fighting demons where he shows no mercy.

Black Nichirin Blade

There is so much mystery with the sun that it is both worshipped and feared. The color black also holds the same kind of mystery. Some would refer to the color black as elegant, others would see it as the color of death.

Why Is Tanjiro’s Sword Black?

This is the same for the sword of Tanjiro. Nobody knows why it has the color black and what it even means. There is nothing extraordinary with the sword in black color. No one ever became a Hashira with a black blade. For demon slayers who have black blades, they are usually the ones who do not know which breathing style they would use. They might know a form from a few breathing styles but they could not master it at all.

This is not the case for Tanjiro, because he was able to master both the Water Breathing Style and the Sun Breathing Style. Another theory is that his sword might have turned black because of his strong bond with his family who were making charcoal.

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