Does Zenitsu Marry Nezuko?

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Zenitsu and Nezuko are undoubtedly interesting characters in Kimetsu No Yaiba. Zenitsu is, however, quite good despite his fear of demons. He might start sleeping under pressure, but he is usually the most dangerous at those moments. His body then fights instinctually, so it is pretty hard to defeat him. Nezuko is among the weakest, and it is normal for a young girl with no fighting experience.

Zenitsu and Nezuko are a happy couple in Kimetsu No Yaiba. They live in harmony, so real love emerges from such a situation. Their kids are the best results of such a family union, and they have several. It means the answer to this question is definitely yes. Zenitsu indeed marries Nezuko, and they are a perfect couple.

Despite her lack of martial arts knowledge, her look is lovely, so Zenitsu was strongly attracted to this girl from the first time he saw her. He is quite a direct person, so he did not pretend disinterest. On the contrary, he showed her compassion and love for the first time. He sent other compliments while revealing admiration.

At first, Nezuko was not very interested in a relationship, but the situation changed over time. When she got to know him better, they started a relationship with a marriage.

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Tanjiro Kamado

Does Nezuko Have a Love Interest?

Nezuko does not have a love interest from the first moment. Her life is full of painful experiences. An evil demon, Muzan, killed her family, and the same individual turned her into a demon. She is now forced to fight against other demons to survive in the series.

Why Did Muzan Kill Their Family?

She is, however, relatively young and without real fighting experience. Moreover, in her family, only male members had such duties, while female members were responsible for family tasks. But it does not change the situation now, so she must search for the best solution.

That’s why she is not interested in a love relationship at first. Various problems usually drag her attention, so she could spend a lot of time resolving them. Zenitsu is in a very similar situation, but he sees love as a way to escape from the world of evil demons, at least virtually.

Nezuko is not ready to accept his love offers right away. However, he is very persistent. At the same time, he shows her his affection and care, that’s very important for a young girl in such a dangerous world. And it is probably why she finally starts a love relationship with him.

Who Ends Up With Nezuko?

By reading the text above and below, it is not hard to conclude Nezuko ends up with Zenitsu. They start a love relationship and marry each other after some time. Their love is real, although Nezuko did not accept his partnership offers from the very beginning.

Zenitsu is a very persistent character, so it is not easy to reject him. He is also an outstanding individual who does not hate and do evil things.

Zenitsu sees love as a way out from the dangerous world they are both living in. Their lives are full of battles against cruel creatures, and he develops an intense fear of other demons. Nevertheless, love is important for him because he can overcome his obstacles through intense emotions.

Nezuko will also benefit from such a community. Zenitsu loves her so that she can be sure about his emotions. His attention and love can give her additional strength, and he defends her several times from evil creatures. That was enough for her to accept his love offer.

Does Nezuko Get Married?

As mentioned in the text above, Nezuko indeed gets married. Zenitsu becomes her life partner, creating a happy and harmonious community. That means they love each other, so the kids are the crown of such a friendly relationship. They have several of them, including boys and girls.

Zenitsu and Nezuko will grow up very old, so they will also have grandchildren and great-grandchildren. So a huge family will emerge through their love.

However, the situation was not very happy from the very beginning. That’s because both characters have tough destinies, and Nezuko is not interested in the love offered provided by Zenitusu.

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Tanjiro Kamado

Did Inosuke Marry AOI?

Inosuke is one of the strong characters from Kimetsu No Yaiba. His arms are probably the most significant advantage he possesses. They have enormous strength, so they can operate even the hardest swords without any problems. He can do that constantly for many hours, which terrifies his opponents. Very few individuals have a chance to record a victory against him in the long battle because they will get tired relatively faster than him.

But it is good to know that Inosuke has a soft side too. And that part of his nature leads him toward AOI. They first start a love relationship, and they marry at the end. So the answer to that question is yes. They become husband and wife, and they have several children and grandchildren.

Despite his clear advantages, he is still not the strongest demon slayer on the list, and there are more powerful ones with whom he has no chance. Inosuke also sees Tanjiro as one of his primary opponents. However, his opinion will change when they spend several months together.

It is hard to imagine Inosuke as a family man because you can watch and follow him through different battles. He defeated many enemies and was merciless during those moments.

Who Is Nezuko’s Crush?

Nezuko, at first, does not have a love interest. It is usually because of the different problems she has experienced throughout the series. She is mainly focused on surviving instead. Evil demon Muzan killed her family while turning her into a demon. She is now forced to fight against other monsters to survive.

However, it is quite a hard destiny for her because she is just a young girl with no fighting experience. In her family, male members were responsible for such duties, so despite her potential, her life is in constant danger because of various enemies.

It is hard to focus on anything else, including love, in such a situation. However, things change for her when Zenitsu starts approaching her. He is a demon slayer who does not love his destiny. He is afraid of other demons, and that’s why he fights while sleeping.

Nezuko does not have a love interest in him. However, he is pretty persistent in starting a relationship with her. In the end, she accepts his offer, which is a good decision considering the positive aspects that emerge from it.

Does Inosuke Have a Love Interest?

Inosuke looks like a real warrior entirely focused on destroying his enemies. He belongs to the list of strong demon slayers; however, he is constantly searching for a way to develop his strength further. You can often spot him while practicing martial arts with other demon slayers.

Inosuke also has love interests in girls, like many other demon slayers in the series. That’s because he is a regular human being, so it is quite a natural characteristic. AOI is, for example, his main interest, and the two end up married.

He is also active in different fights, and his enemies have a hard time at those moments. Inosuke has strong arms that give him the power to operate all kinds of swords easily. Thanks to such an ability, he can enter into prolonged battles with total success. Some think his only mission in Kimetsu No Yaiba is to fight. However, that kind of opinion is not the correct one.

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