Is Tanjiro a Boy or Girl?

Tanjiro is a character from the Demon Slayer manga series, and he is definitely a boy, not a girl. Even his name clearly signifies his gender so it is pretty hard to think anything else than that. It is typically correct even for those who have never watched the series before and only a few would misunderstand that.

Still, it is good to know these series belong to the SCI-FI genres which means Tanjiro is indeed a boy but not a regular one. At one point, his family ended up slaughtered by a demon Muzan. Only his sister survived the massacre, but she was turned into a demon herself. Tanjiro was not present at that moment, and he came after Muzan killed them.

The scene was an extreme shock for him so he decided to take revenge as soon as possible. Tanjiro belongs to a family clan and some of his ancestors were very strong fighters. One of them even defeated Muzan in the distant past, and that’s why he decided to fight back and kill his descendants.

Is Tanjiro a Demon?

Tanjiro begins his missions and activities in the series as a young boy, however, he turns into a demon slayer after his family was slaughtered by another demon. That kind of destiny is not a good one and it leads Tanjiro to a dangerous path, however, it gives him strength and power at the same time.

His arch-enemy Muzan is also a demon with extraordinary personal characteristics and capabilities so it is necessary for Tanjiro to have the right fighting strategy for the battle with him. No human being can defeat a demon such as Muzan. Only another demon can do so, and it already happened in the past.

One of Tanjiro’s ancestors – Yoriichi managed to defeat Muzan. He did so after becoming a strong and powerful demon slayer. But such a successful action would not be possible while he was a young boy and regular human being. Tanjiro now has the same chance to repeat the success of his ancestor and even totally destroy and eliminate Muzan from the world.

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How Old Is Tanjiro?

Tanjiro appears as quite older than he really is. That’s because he is often actively involved in various dangerous missions so it is easy to get such an expression while watching the series.

Many of his enemies are pretty old. They might be present in the world for many decades or even centuries. His main enemy Muzan is a thousand years old. It is definitely a remarkable difference when one realizes Tanjiro is just 15 years old.

Fortunately, his young age does not prevent him from being a successful fighter, and they actually reveal the great potential this boy and later demon slayer has. It is totally clear he can achieve the most remarkable things even now. But his possibilities will become far greater when he reaches maturity.

Why Did Muzan Kill Tanjiro’s Family?

Muzan killed Tanjiro’s family because of different reasons. The first one was revenge as mentioned. He was defeated by Yoriichi, the strongest Tanjiro’s ancestor, and he has never forgotten the event. In the flashback, he often sees Yoriichi and the fight he lost. That’s why he has always searched for revenge.

Yoriichi, however, died at 85 so it was not possible for Muzan to take revenge directly on him. He is not in this world anymore so there is no chance to fight against him. But Muzan has not given up. Despite the fact Yoriichi is not alive anymore, he found a way to take revenge by killing his family and descendants.

Another reason for that kind of cruel action lies in the fear Muzan had toward Yoriichi. He was aware of his great strength so he feared that some of his descendants might take his role. That would put him in great danger so he wanted to forestall such a problem that could appear in the future. By killing all the descendants, he would be perfectly safe from the attack. However, his mission was just partially successful because he did not manage to kill all the family members which meant he made an even bigger problem than he previously had.

Does Tanjiro Fall In Love?

Tanjiro indeed falls in love despite the fact he became a demon slayer. He falls in love with a girl called Kanao Tsuyuri, but she is not actually interested in him at the beginning. The emotions will develop later so she will start experiencing the same feeling toward him.

However, they actually met during one of the battles when they were opponents, not lovers. It was clear from the beginning Tanjiro is far stronger and powerful than Kanao, but despite that fact, he spared her life.

Their relationship is not an easy one. That’s because of the many obstacles they encounter on the path. Tanjiro is, for example, a demon slayer, and not a regular guy so the relationship is not a normal one due to the various problems.

Does Tanjiro Kill Anyone?

Tanjiro was just a normal and regular young boy at the beginning of the series. He was not involved in any kind of serious problem so there were no reasons to kill anyone. However, his life situation drastically changed when Muzan killed his family. All the members ended up dead, except his sister who was turned into a demon. Such an outcome greatly affected young Tanjiro and he was crushed emotionally and psychologically. It was not possible to change the situation, however, he realized something is necessary to be done by him.

Revenge was the best option because it can help him reduce the pain and eliminate the evil creature who did that. It can kill someone else so his motivation was positive and good.

Still, it is not easy to kill a powerful and strong demon who has been killing people for thousands of years. No regular human being can achieve such a goal because regular people are too weak for such a task. However, a strong demon can definitely kill another demon, and that’s exactly what Tanjiro became.

Still, Muzan is very well hidden, and Tanjiro does not actually know what he looks like. That’s why he is forced by the situation to search for him in many areas in order to locate him. The road Tanjiro started is quite dangerous so he meets various dangerous beings on the path.

In order to survive, it is necessary to eliminate some of those problems, and it means yes, Tanjiro really kills some demons and human beings while searching for the arch-enemy who killed his family.

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Tanjiro Kamado

Does Tanjiro’s Sword Turn Red?

Tanjiro’s sword turns red when he fights against different enemies. It is probably a sign of great aggression and readiness to fight back with the entire force. The psychological aspect is to scare and even terrify the opponent who might be confused by the sudden change. It can simply distract them during the fight so they may lose the battle more easily.

Tanjiro’s sword indeed turns red during some important moments, and it might mean several different reasons. That kind of color is often connected to battles and fighting. The planet Mars, for example, is of red color, and it is considered in astrology to be the planet of war. It is just one of the examples, and there are actually many of those, but it is not necessary to number them all here.

No one, however, knows for sure why Tanjiro’s sword changed color, but those are some logical assumptions. There are no official clarifications from the authors of the series regarding this matter so it is hard to say for sure.

How Did Tanjiro Die?

It is an interesting fact to mention that Tanjiro actually dies several times in the series. The first time, he did so during the crucial fight against Muzan. He received many strikes and injuries so he was unable to continue further.

Muzan was clearly stronger, and Tnajiro had no chance to defend himself anymore. At the end of the battle, Tanjiro dies but just for several moments. While he was at the end of his life, Muzan received important information through his own consciousness. It was about Tanjor’s great potential, and Muzan has not seen something similar before.

That’s why decided to transfer his energy and spirit into Tanjiro’s body so Tanjiro became alive again when he did that. Muzan lives throughout him and they are not both a single person. However, all should keep in mind his body is not immortal, and he really dies at the end of the series. He is already very old at that moment so natural death occurs.

Who Is Tanjiro’s Wife?

Tanjiro’s wife is a long-standing lover of him known as Kanao Tsuyuri. The two marry after various battles they encountered throughout the series. It means their love was truly real and unbreakable despite all the problems they had before the marriage.

The lives of both have been jeopardized so many times, however, they succeed to survive and start family life with each other. Furthermore, they will even get children, grandchildren, and even great-grandchildren making a happy community. Some of those descendants will become quite important and well respected in their towns because of different positive attributes and characteristics.

Is Tanjiro Stronger Than Giyu?

It is suitable to know Tanjiro is a descendant of Yoriichi who was a very strong man and powerful demon slayer. He even defeated Muzan once in a battle so you can only imagine his great strength. After his death, Muzan decided to kill all of his descendants because he feared that someone might inherit his capabilities. Muzan considered Yoriichi and his powers as life-threatening so it was necessary for him to prevent any of the strong enemies that might appear in the future.

They are on the same side as demon slayers, so it is not easy to give a clear answer to this question, however, the estimation of Tanjiro as a winner is most likely the correct one.

He however did not succeed with that task because Tanjiro survived the attack on Yoriichi descendants and he is now a real threat to all the demons and evil men. That also means Tanjiro has enormous potential and excellent strength and he might even overcome his ancestor when it comes to the fighting capabilities.

Giyu is, on the other hand, an experienced and well-trained fighter. He is quite long active in different battles so it is not easy to underestimate his powers. It means the fight between the two individuals will definitely be tough and problematic. Tanjiro is still young and he has not developed his fighting style to perfection, however, he would probably win despite those imperfections.

Is Tanjiro The Only Sun Breather?

As mentioned, Tanjiro is a descendant of Yoriichi who was actually the starter of many of Sun’s breathing techniques. He was learning and mastering those hundreds of years ago so he transferred the skill and potential through various generations. It means Tanjiro inherits the abilities to learn and develop fighting skills based on those teachings.

However, the Sun breathing techniques are quite open martial arts so virtually anyone can use the techniques with the right skills.

Tanjiro was clearly not the first one who used them which means they are not his invention. He just inherits the techniques and knowledge through the family line, and it is actually now known how many people and demons utilize such techniques for their own goals and purposes.

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