Nezuko’s Sunlight Abilities And Hashira Meeting – Ch 128

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The world of Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba has been rocked by the sudden emergence of Nezuko’s sunlight abilities. This once helpless and vulnerable demon has now become a formidable force, able to walk in the daylight hours and even resist the urge to feed on human flesh.

In Chapter 128 of the manga series, the ramifications of this newfound power are explored in depth, culminating in an emergency Hashira meeting to discuss Nezuko’s abilities and the changing goals of Muzan.

The meeting is a pivotal moment in the series, marking a turning point in the battle against the powerful demon. Here, the qualifications for defeating Muzan are discussed, and the importance of the Hashira in this task is emphasized.

But it is Nezuko’s abilities that steal the show, as the characters grapple with the implications of her newfound power and what it means for their fight against evil.

This article will delve deeper into the significance of Nezuko’s sunlight abilities and the decisions made at the Hashira meeting, offering a comprehensive analysis of one of the most important moments in Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba.

Key Takeaways

  • Nezuko’s sunlight abilities have significantly impacted the battle against demons.
  • The Hashira held an emergency meeting to discuss the increasing demon threat and relocation plans for Swordsmith Village.
  • Muzan’s objectives have shifted, leading to a discussion among qualified individuals about his new goals, and the Hashira’s strategy to defeat him is now in question.
  • The mark, which signifies a demon slayer’s qualification to fight and defeat Muzan, has been received by Tanjiro, Mitsuri, and Muichiro, though the qualifications for receiving the mark are still unclear.

Swordsmith Village Relocation

The Hashira Meeting held at the Ubuyashiki Estate discussed the relocation plans of Swordsmith Village amidst the ongoing investigation into Nezuko’s ability to walk in the sun and Muzan’s changing goals.

The relocation was due to the increasing threat of demons in the region, which endangered the villagers.

The Hashira recognized the importance of Swordsmith Village in producing high-quality swords for demon slayers, but they also acknowledged that the safety of the villagers was a top priority.

The relocation plan aimed to move the village to a safer location where the villagers could continue their work without fear of demon attacks.

The impact of the relocation on the villagers was a major concern for the Hashira.

They recognized that the relocation would disrupt the daily lives and routines of the villagers, but they believed it was necessary for their safety.

The Hashira promised to support and assist the villagers during the relocation process, including providing resources and manpower to help with the move.

Overall, the Hashira recognized the importance of balancing the safety of the villagers with the need for high-quality demon-slaying swords, and they believed that the relocation plan was the best solution to address both issues.

New Goals for Muzan

Muzan’s objectives have shifted, leading to a discussion among the qualified individuals about the new goals that he has set for himself.

The Hashira’s strategy to defeat Muzan is now in question since he has changed his direction. The discussion revolved around how Muzan’s new goals will affect their plans and what new tactics they need to come up with to beat him.

The Hashira’s meeting was crucial in determining their next course of action. They realized that Muzan’s new direction would make him even more dangerous. The following are some of the emotions evoked during the meeting:

  • Fear: The Hashira were afraid they might be unable to defeat Muzan because of his new goals.
  • Frustration: The Hashira were frustrated about Muzan’s changing objectives, making it difficult to develop a solid plan.
  • Determination: Despite the challenges, the Hashira remained determined to find a way to defeat Muzan and save humanity from his evil plans.

The Hashira’s strategy had to be revised for Muzan’s new direction. They had to devise a new plan to counter his new goals, which would require them to be even more strategic and vigilant in their approach. The discussion was intense, but the Hashira were determined to find a way to protect humanity from the threat of Muzan.

Qualifications for Marking

During the emergency meeting, the qualifications for receiving the mark were discussed among the Hashira and Amane. This mark signifies a demon slayer’s qualification to fight and defeat Muzan, the strongest demon. The first to receive the mark was Tanjiro, and later, Mitsuri and Muichiro also received it.

Understanding marks is crucial for demon slayers to defeat Muzan. According to Muichiro, the qualifications for the mark are related to the demon slayer’s strength and spiritual power. However, the details of these qualifications are still unclear.

Mitsuri struggled to describe her experience with the mark, but it is evident that it symbolizes great strength and determination.

As the demon slayers continue their battle against Muzan, the importance of these qualifications and the mark will become increasingly significant in the fight to save humanity.

Frequently Asked Questions

How did Nezuko gain the ability to walk in the sun?

It is ironic how Nezuko, a demon, gained sunlight immunity through demon transformation. The specific process is unclear, but it is believed to be a rare and powerful ability among demons.

What is the significance of the marks appearing on certain members of the Hashira?

The significance of the marks on the Hashira lies in their symbolism and hidden power. The origins of these marks are unknown, but their appearance indicates qualification for defeating Muzan. Receiving the mark may have consequences yet to be revealed.

How did Tanjiro become the first to receive the mark?

Tanjiro’s training and Demon Slayer Corps selection led to his development as a skilled swordsman with heightened senses and extraordinary physical abilities. This, coupled with his unwavering determination, made him the first to receive the mark.

What is the plan for relocating Swordsmith Village?

The possible relocation of Swordsmith Village is a leadership decision to ensure the community’s safety. The decision has sparked discussions among residents, with some expressing concerns over potential disruptions.

What is the current state of Nezuko’s relationship with Inosuke?

The current state of Inosuke’s feelings towards Nezuko and her development is unclear, as no recent interaction between them and their relationship remains largely unexplored in recent chapters. Further development may occur in future chapters.

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