Obanai Iguro: The Serpent Hashira Of Demon Slayer

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Obanai Iguro is a notable character in the popular anime and manga series, Demon Slayer. As one of the Hashira, the most powerful swordsmen in the Demon Slayer Corps, Obanai stands out for his unique fighting style and impressive abilities.

A skilled combatant with a deep sense of self-loathing, Obanai has a complex personality that adds depth to his character.

In this article, we will explore the life, personality, and abilities of Obanai Iguro, the Serpent Hashira of Demon Slayer. We will examine his appearance and personality traits, his remarkable abilities and techniques, his rank and popularity among fans, and some interesting trivia and fun facts about his character.

Additionally, we will analyze his legacy and impact on the series and how he contributes to the overall narrative of Demon Slayer.

Key Takeaways

  • Obanai Iguro is a Hashira of the Demon Slayer Corps, possessing immense physical strength and endurance, and has created and mastered the Serpent Breathing style.
  • He has a harsh and strict personality, viewing newer recruits as weak and incapable of improvement, and possesses an immense sense of self-loathing due to his traumatic past.
  • Despite his harsh exterior, he cares deeply about Mitsuri Kanroji and Kagaya Ubuyashiki, and wants to die defeating Muzan and purifying his blood.
  • His unique abilities include utilizing his pet snake Kaburamaru to predict a target’s attacks and emotions, partially accessing the Transparent World, and wielding a heavily modified Nichirin katana modeled after a slithering snake.

Appearance and Personality

Obanai Iguro’s appearance is characterized by his short stature, muscular build, and pale complexion. However, what is most striking about his appearance is his heterochromia and snake-like slit mouth. These physical deformities serve as a reflection of his inner turmoil and trauma.

His heterochromia, with his left eye green and his right eye blue, symbolizes his internal conflict between his duty as a Demon Slayer and his loyalty to his beliefs.

Meanwhile, his slit mouth, which resembles that of the Japanese onryō, Kuchisake-onna, represents the physical manifestation of the pain and suffering he went through in his past.

Obanai’s personality is defined by his strict adherence to the Demon Slayer rules, immense self-loathing, and varying levels of respect and dislike for the other Hashira. He views newer Demon Slayer recruits as weak and incapable of improvement, but he cares deeply about certain characters, such as Mitsuri Kanroji and Kagaya Ubuyashiki.

His relationships with the other Hashira are complicated, as he has varying respect and dislikes for them. However, he still recognizes their capabilities and works alongside them to defeat the demons.

Abilities and Techniques

The Serpent Breathing style, which incorporates twisting and turning movements similar to a snake’s slithering, is a highly effective combat technique mastered by one of the skilled members of the Demon Slayer Corps, Obanai Iguro. This style allows him to attack his enemies in strange ways, making it difficult for them to predict his moves.

Along with possessing great physical strength, Obanai can turn his Nichirin Sword bright red through sheer grip strength. Obanai’s combat technique utilizing his pet snake Kaburamaru is another unique aspect of his abilities.

Kaburamaru can read and predict a target’s attacks and emotions, allowing Obanai to anticipate and counter them efficiently.

Furthermore, Obanai’s partially blind right eye has led him to develop a technique that complements his snake’s abilities, enabling him to accurately sense his surroundings and predict his opponent’s movements.

His phenomenal speed, stamina, endurance, and ability to quickly decapitate numerous demons and hold back the newly appointed Upper-Rank Four, Nakime, make him one of the most formidable members of the Demon Slayer Corps.

Rank and Popularity

In terms of rank, Obanai Iguro is the seventh strongest member of the Demon Slayer Corps, as evidenced by his impressive combat skills and mastery of the Serpent Breathing style.

Despite his harsh and strict personality, Obanai has garnered a significant fanbase among Demon Slayer fans, ranking 26th in popularity and 8th in a poll specifically focused on the Hashira.

His unique appearance, with his heterochromia and slit mouth reminiscent of the Japanese onryō, Kuchisake-onna, has also contributed to his popularity.

Fan theories and speculations about Obanai’s past and future have also emerged. Some fans believe that Obanai’s snake-like appearance and affinity for snakes may be linked to his past, potentially involving a curse or transformation.

Others speculate about his potential development in future story arcs, with some hoping for a redemption arc or a deeper exploration of his relationship with Mitsuri Kanroji.

Regardless of the outcome, Obanai Iguro remains a compelling and complex character in the Demon Slayer universe.

Trivia and Fun Facts

Fans of the series have discovered that Obanai Iguro’s seiyuu, Kenichi Suzumura, is married to Tamayo’s seiyuu, Maaya Sakamoto, adding an interesting connection between two characters. This behind-the-scenes secret adds a fun fact for fans who may have missed this detail, and highlights the close-knit community of voice actors in the Japanese anime industry.

The fact that these two actors are married adds an interesting dynamic to the show, especially given the complicated relationship between their characters in the series.

Aside from this interesting tidbit, fans may enjoy several other fun facts about Obanai Iguro. For instance, he has the smallest appetite from all the Hashira and can go about three days without eating. Additionally, he is allergic to women and always wears a mask, which he uses to avoid contact with them.

Finally, when students fail tests, they are crucified to a post and shot at with bottle rockets, a brutal punishment that adds a darkly humorous element to the series. These facts provide a fun and engaging look into the world of Demon Slayer and help fans appreciate the nuanced details that make the show so enjoyable to watch.

Legacy and Impact

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba has undoubtedly left a lasting impact on the anime industry, and one of the characters that contributed to its success is Obanai Iguro.

As the Serpent Hashira of the Demon Slayer Corps, Obanai’s mastery of the Serpent Breathing style has influenced future generations of Demon Slayers. Recruits revere his combat techniques and strategies, and his legacy inspires young Demon Slayers today.

Obanai’s past trauma has also significantly impacted his character development and actions throughout the series. His self-loathing and harsh attitude towards newer recruits stem from his own experiences of feeling weak and helpless.

Despite this, he still takes on the responsibility of training and guiding new Demon Slayers, showing that he is willing to move past his pain to help others.

Obanai’s character serves as a reminder that even in times of hardship, one can still positively impact those around them.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the significance behind Obanai Iguro’s heterochromatic eyes?

Exploring Obanai Iguro’s unique appearance reveals the symbolism behind his heterochromatic eyes. The contrasting colors may represent his dual nature, highlighting his partial blindness and ability to see beyond the physical world, attuned to his Serpent Breathing style.

How did Obanai Iguro’s traumatic past shape his harsh and strict personality?

Obanai Iguro’s traumatic past has shaped his harsh and strict personality. His self-loathing and desire for death have led to a toxic leadership style, but his coping mechanisms and love for Mitsuri Kanroji show glimpses of humanity. Understanding his actions and their psychological implications can provide valuable lessons for leadership.

Can you explain the origin and meaning behind Obanai Iguro’s Serpent Breathing style?

Obanai Iguro’s Serpent Breathing style is based on serpent symbolism and employs serpent-based techniques. It utilizes twisting and turning movements similar to a serpent’s slithering, enhancing his physical strength and power in demon slaying. The connection between breath and power is crucial in this unique breathing style, originating from Iguro’s traumatic past.

How does Obanai Iguro’s chemistry background influence his demon slaying abilities?

Obanai Iguro’s chemistry background likely influences his demon-slaying abilities by enabling him to identify and exploit demon weaknesses through knowledge of chemical reactions. This may give him an advantage in combat and allow for more efficient demon extermination.

What is the story behind Obanai Iguro’s allergy to women and why does he keep a snake around him to avoid contact with them?

Obanai Iguro’s allergy to women and his snake companion are likely linked to his traumatic past, which caused him to develop a deep sense of self-loathing. Keeping a snake around him serves as a protective measure against his allergy.

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