Tanjiro’s Intense Training With Hashiras – Ch 132

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Training to become a skilled fighter is no walk in the park. It requires grit, determination, and the ability to push oneself beyond one’s limits. In the world of Kimetsu no Yaiba, Tanjiro’s intense training with the Hashiras is a prime example of the physical and mental fortitude needed to become a Demon Slayer.

This article delves into the details of Tanjiro’s training with Tengen, Muichiro, Obanai, and Mitsuri, highlighting his stamina and swordplay improvements. The Hashiras are the pillars of the Demon Slayer Corps, each possessing unique abilities and skills that make them formidable fighters.

Tanjiro’s training with them is a grueling process designed to push him to the brink of his physical and mental capabilities. Through the guidance of Tengen, Muichiro, Obanai, and Mitsuri, Tanjiro hones his swordplay, improves his flexibility, and even learns to love more deeply.

However, the training is not without its challenges, as Tanjiro witnesses the strained relationship between two Hashiras, Sanemi and Genya, endures the punishing demands of Sanemi’s training. Despite the difficulties, Tanjiro perseveres, emerging a stronger and more skilled Demon Slayer.

Key Takeaways

  • Hashiras are formidable fighters with unique abilities and skills.
  • Tanjiro’s training with Hashiras is a grueling process designed to push him to his limits.
  • Tanjiro’s endurance and swordsmanship abilities have significantly improved due to his training.
  • Tanjiro’s training with Tengen, Muichiro, Obanai, and Mitsuri has improved his swordplay, flexibility, agility, and even his ability to love more deeply.

Training with Tengen, Muichiro, Obanai, and Mitsuri

During his training with Tengen, Muichiro, Obanai, and Mitsuri in Chapter 132 of Kimetsu no Yaiba, Tanjiro undergoes intense training that greatly improves his stamina and swordplay skills.

Muichiro focuses on improving Tanjiro’s stamina, which is critical for his battles against demons. He also teaches Tanjiro new swordplay techniques that help him become more versatile in combat.

Obanai, on the other hand, trains Tanjiro through barrier techniques, which can be used to block enemy attacks and limit their movements. This training helps Tanjiro become more strategic in his fights and reduces his reliance on brute strength.

Mitsuri’s training, on the other hand, focuses on Love Hashira techniques that aim to increase Tanjiro’s flexibility. This training involves a series of stretching and movements that help Tanjiro become more limber and agile.

The Love Hashira training complements Tanjiro’s other training, as it helps him move more efficiently and dodge enemy attacks more easily.

Overall, Tanjiro’s training with Tengen, Muichiro, Obanai, and Mitsuri gives him diverse skills that make him a more formidable demon slayer.

Improvements in Stamina and Swordplay

The rigorous training with skilled swordsmen has significantly enhanced both endurance and swordsmanship abilities for Tanjiro. Muichiro’s training, in particular, has improved Tanjiro’s stamina through intense physical exercises and swordplay drills.

Tanjiro’s lung capacity has increased, allowing him to move continuously without becoming easily fatigued. This improvement in endurance has also allowed Tanjiro to withstand attacks from his opponents during battles better.

Furthermore, the Hashiras have refined Tanjiro’s techniques, allowing him to execute more precise and effective sword strikes.

Obanai’s training, for instance, has improved Tanjiro’s ability to use his sword in unconventional ways, such as creating a barrier to defend himself against attacks. Mitsuri’s training has also improved Tanjiro’s flexibility and agility, enabling him to perform complex moves and evade attacks more efficiently.

With these enhancements in endurance and swordsmanship abilities, Tanjiro is better equipped to face the demons and protect his loved ones.

Witnessing Sanemi and Genya’s Relationship

Witnessing the strained relationship between Sanemi and Genya has allowed Tanjiro to gain insight into the complexities of family dynamics and the effects of trauma on individuals.

Sanemi’s backstory reveals that he and Genya had a difficult childhood, with their mother dying when they were young and their father being an abusive alcoholic.

Sanemi had to take on the role of caregiver for Genya, which caused him to be resentful and angry toward his younger brother. This trauma has left a lasting impact on Sanemi, causing him to be distant and harsh toward Genya.

The dynamic between Sanemi and Genya is complex, with both brothers holding onto their past trauma and unable to fully communicate.

Tanjiro’s observation of their relationship highlights the importance of understanding and acknowledging past trauma to move forward and heal. It also emphasizes the significance of healthy communication and the detrimental effects of holding onto resentment and anger.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long did Tanjiro train with each Hashira?

Tanjiro trained with Tengen, Muichiro, Obanai, and Mitsuri to improve his overall strength. The duration with each Hashira varied, with Muichiro focusing on stamina and swordplay, Obanai on strange swordplay and a barrier, and Mitsuri on flexibility through Love Hashira training.

The intense training sessions helped Tanjiro make significant progress in his strength.

What specific techniques did Obanai teach Tanjiro in his swordplay training?

Obanai taught Tanjiro a unique swordplay technique that involved creating a barrier with his sword. Tanjiro struggled at first, but with practice, he could master it and make significant progress in his overall swordplay skills.

How did Mitsuri improve Tanjiro’s flexibility during their training?

Mitsuri’s methods for improving Tanjiro’s flexibility during training are not explicitly described in Chapter 132. However, based on her expertise as the Love Hashira, it can be assumed that she employed a range of stretching and yoga exercises to enhance Tanjiro’s range of motion and overall physical talent, leading to noticeable progress in his skills.

Was there any mention of Tanjiro’s breathing techniques during the training sessions?

In the Training Sessions, there was no explicit mention of Tanjiro’s breathing techniques. However, given the importance of breath control in the series, he likely continued to focus on and improve his breathing techniques during his intense training with the Hashiras.

Did Zenitsu eventually complete the training with Sanemi or did he continue to struggle?

Zenitsu struggled with Sanemi’s aggressive teaching style, but eventually progressed in his training. Despite his initial reluctance, Zenitsu was forced back into the training and was able to improve his skills under Sanemi’s guidance.

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