What Are The Earrings In Demon Slayer?

Demon Slayer is currently one of the most popular Japanese manga series. It is frequently watched by people of all ages and professions in that country as well as abroad. There are, however, some details that make this anime even more interesting and popular. Tanjiro’s earrings are, for example, one of such items that creates a lot of controversies and draw the public’s attention. That kind of product is actually used in Japan more frequently than some believe.

The earrings of that type are named Hanafuda. Hanafuda is translated to “Flower Cards”. They are actually made of paper in the shape of playing cards. The size is also the same, and it is good to know Japanese playing cards are smaller than those used by the Westerns.

That’s one of the reasons why this item can be utilized for some different purposes too. These cards are also often called Flower cards because of similar details they possess on the surface. Tanjiro’s earrings are, however, a little different than general products of this type. That’s because of different motives, and those actually make the biggest controversies among the public. They are not a part of a general set of Japanese flower cards so they are particularly made for this purpose only.

Furthermore, the Rising Sun associates with the symbols used by the Japanese military during World War II. There is, however, no official confirmation of this fact so that’s just one of the speculations considering the earrings. According to the series legend, those cards are transferred to Tanjiro through many generations so they actually date well before World War II.

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Tanjiro Kamado

What Do Hanafuda Earrings Mean?

Hanafuda earrings are developed by manufacturers in the style of traditional Japanese playing cards. They are using the same motives as those items above, however, they have some additional details and pieces of equipment so they can actually be used as earrings as well.

Hanafuda cards have another name, they are called Flower Cards. That’s because of different motives that use similar or same symbols like those plants. They are a little larger than regular earrings used in the West, but it is necessary to know the Japanese playing cards are smaller than the same kind of cards utilized by Westerns.

However, they are usually painted on the front side only. The black side usually stays plain. It is also good to know some earrings of this kind might be specifically made for different particular purposes. So those sorts might have different motives than original Japanese playing cards. Tanjiro’s earrings, for example, belong to that category. They are playing cards but not from a general set of those items.

Hanafuda cards are used by players for different games such as Hachi-Hachi and Koi-Koi. They originate from Japan and are mostly used in that country, however, they are popular in some countries abroad as well. For example, you can find Flower Cards in Korea too, but they have a different name in that country. These cards are also popular in Hawaii and Micronesia so the citizens of those areas are well informed about their nature and games you can play with them.

Typically, four people are necessary for the most active recreations of this kind, but some games can be played by two or three persons. The crosstable is generally used by the participants so there are no big differences in this aspect when it comes to comparing Western and Japanese playing styles. The history of flower cards dates back to the 16th century. The games of this kind were unknown in Japan until Portuguese expeditions introduced them to the natives. It happened in that period so the Japanese slowly started to use the cards more and more over time. In the next hundred years, cards became very popular in Japan so they were used by the natives for recreational as well as gambling purposes.

Why Does Tanjiro Wear Hanafuda Earrings?

Tanjiro’s earrings have a strong personal and family value for him. That’s mostly because they have been transferred through generations and Tanjiro’s father also used the same earrings for years at his young age. They have been transferred through the male family line while women have not worn those earrings in this lineage.

It is suitable to suppose the earrings represent a secret logo of their clans, and that’s the reason why they constantly wear them. Members from other friendly family clans can recognize them in that way, and it gives them a sign of uniqueness.

For some, the earrings are directly connected to powerful demons which means they hide big secrets and great power. Their main purpose, according to that kind of logic, is to provide additional strength and protection to the user.

Before Tanjiro’s father, the earrings belonged to Yoriichi, who was actually the original user of those items. It is perfectly fine until the moment that pieces of evidence show that Tanjiro does not actually trace his lineage to Yoriichi. That’s because his family belongs to the Sumiyoshi family, and it clearly signifies Tanjiro is not a Yoriichi descendant.

The earrings were, however, particularly developed for the Tsugikuni family so the power of the items probably decreased because they have been used by the people who are not original owners. It is, however, believed by many the earrings were assigned to them to transfer the energy of the Breath of the Sun.

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Tanjiro Kamado

Why Is Tanjiro’s Head Hard?

Tanjiro has different qualities that enable him to pass various barriers and neutralize strong enemies. A strong and hard head is one of those features. It gives them the power to break unbreakable. No one wants to mess with his head thanks to those qualities and attempts have not had a lot of success.

No one knows for sure why Tanjiro’s head is so strong while other characters have normal ones. It probably signifies his unstoppable temperament, and it helps them to reach his natural goals, according to his personality.

Once, Tanjiro punched his enemy with the head, and the latter lost consciousness. It was a victory from the first shot, and it explains very well the strength of Tanjiro’s head. He has used this part of the body for different purposes though. And that’s why he had a big scar on his forehead. However, it did not make his head weaker. It is even stronger due to that attribute.

Also, he was a coal miner before starting his demon slayer adventures. That job includes a lot of physical activities so Tanjiro significantly improved the strength and condition of the entire body during the working time. It is also one of the reasons why his head is stronger than the heads of other characters from this manga series.

He was also preparing himself for the new role as a demon slayer and his extensive training lasted for roughly two years. It was quite enough to gain some good abilities and achieve the advantage compared to the other characters.

How Big Are Tanjiro’s Earrings?

As mentioned, hanafuda earrings are made in the shape of Japanese playing cards. They are similar to the Western ones but still smaller than those. There are no big differences between the cards and those hanafuda earrings, except for several details. The cards cannot be worn on ears, and that’s why those pieces of jewelry have small chains and buckles. They can help you wear them comfortably without any worries that they can drop out.

The exact measurements are 5.4 x 3.2 centimeters. It is not big considering some other types of cards, however, like earrings, they are definitely larger than some ordinary models. The chain can be five or ten centimeters long, but it is adjustable and does not mean it is always the same.

Some flower card earrings might have longer or shorter chains, depending on the exact models. While staying on the ears, this piece of jewelry is definitely noticeable, thanks to the size and shape. That’s why they provide a unique mark to the user, especially if earrings have some special and different designs than regular Japanese playing cards.

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