What Is So Special About Tanjiro’s Earrings?

Tanjiro’s earrings are special in different ways. That’s because they are a part of the family tradition, and they are actually transferred from the old generation to the new one. The earrings are very old, in fact. The first owner was Yoriichi who was an ancestor of Tanjiro. After his death, the earrings were given to his descendants, and that’s how the line started.

The previous owner of the earrings was Tanjiro’s father, and Tanjiro got the earrings from him. This piece of jewelry is transferred only through the male line in the Kamado family. Women are not obligated to wear them.

The possessions of earrings are a great honor but also a responsibility for the owner. It is a privilege to have them, but there is also a price one must pay. That’s because of several reasons.

Yoriichi, the first owner of these items, was actually a very powerful demon slayer. He had many successes in various battles and was capable of neutralizing even the most dangerous demons such as Muzan. Yoriicjhi is not alive anymore, however, his energy is still present in this world. And the earrings usually serve as a transmitter. That means the current user can actually receive Yoriichi’s energy through that piece of jewelry, and it can provide various benefits.

Yoriichi’s energy is strong and powerful so it is possible to use it in different ways. That’s particularly useful during battles and wars. Yoriichi was a warrior so it is war energy. Very few enemies can handle the attacks supported through those portals so their fate is usually doomed. It is the most special thing about those earrings. They are not just regular jewelry. They actually hide powerful secrets and the user is protected by powerful energies while wearing those items on his ears.

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Why Are Tanjiro’s Earrings Offensive?

Tanjiro’s earrings look like normal hanafuda earrings you can find on the market. They are actually made of Japanese playing cards, and the set of these contains 48 different pieces. Each of these cards has some particular themes and motives. Flowers are the most common part of the photos, and that’s why many call those cards “flower cards.”

Tanjiro’s ones have the Rising Sun as a predominant motif on the front side of the earrings, while regular hanafudas do not have such photos on any of the cards. The Rising Sun is an old Japanese symbol used for thousands of years.

It would not be a big problem if the Japanese military did not use the logo during World War II. Many see this as a bit controversial. World War II led to millions of deaths so it is not always welcome to be reminded of that period of time.

Hanafuda earrings have, however, some additional components such as chains and buckets. Those serve to fix them on the ears because regular cards will hardly stay there without such details. The chains and buckets are quite small, and they are also normal and regular parts of ordinary hanafuda earrings. It is all fine until you spot the motives on Tanjiro’s earrings. Those are different from regular hanafuda cards.

That’s why those earrings make a lot of controversies among the public. Many believe they are hiding a special political message because of this sign. They think it is aimed at some particular watchers as an announcement for some future event that does not need to be directly connected with the series. There are, however, no official explanations regarding this matter so the opinions just stay a form of speculation.

Why Does Tanjiro Have Hanafuda Earrings?

Tanjiro has hanafuda earrings because of different reasons. They are part of the family tradition so they are transferred from one generation to another one in the direct line. They are delivered through the male line only, and it is an honor and responsibility to have such a piece of jewelry.

They have quite strong historical importance when it comes to tradition. The earrings were made a few hundred years ago, and they are still in regular use. Some very powerful individuals have been owners of that piece of jewelry and not all of them have been ordinary men.

Yoriichi was, for example, the original owner of the earrings. They are exclusively made for him with no intention to be transferred further. He was an ordinary man just in the starting phase of his life. Later, he, however, became a demon slayer, a very powerful one. Yoriichi even managed to defeat one of the most dangerous demons, Muzan so it is possible just to imagine how powerful he was.

When he died, his earrings were transferred to his descendants. So Tanjiro’s father and grandfather also used the same earrings in their time. They clearly have a great symbolic value, but that’s just one of the reasons why Tanjiro has the earrings.

There are also more practical reasons for the use of that piece of jewelry. As mentioned, Yoriichi, the original owner of the earrings, was a very strong and powerful individual and such a fact would not be anything special now because he lived several hundreds of years ago. However, his earrings are capable of transmitting the energy of this individual to the current user despite the fact Yoriichi is not on this planet anymore. His energy is still alive, and the owner of earrings can use it. That’s in fact very beneficial for Tanjiro who has various problems in his life.

His family was slaughtered and he now has to avenge them. Muzan, a very strong and powerful demon, was a killer, and that’s why every kind of additional help is welcome. Yoriichi already defeated Muzan in the distant past so possessing his energy is a remarkable opportunity during the fight with those creatures. Those who use it might get the same abilities and characteristics so Muzan will have a low chance to take a victory from the battle. That’s why he considers the earrings life-threatening and his opinion is really based on true facts.

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What Are The Earrings In Demon Slayer?

In demon slayer, the public has a chance to see hanafuda earrings on the main character. That piece of jewelry is actually made of Japanese playing cards. They are also called “Flower Cards.”

They are the same as those items, however, they have some additional parts and components. Those include buckets and chains. It helps Tanjiro and other characters to wear them comfortably on their ears.

Japanese playing cards are smaller than those used by the Westerns so it is possible to utilize them for this purpose as well. It is actually a set of 48 different cards and they are also called flower cards because they have similar motives on their surface. Japanese playing cards have themes on the front side only, while the backside always stays blank. Each card has different motives so the earrings might be different if they use different cards as the main component.

Furthermore, Tanjiro’s ones are quite unique when it comes to that aspect. While watching the series, you can simply notice the motives of the Rising Sun on this piece of jewelry. That’s somehow controversial because such a motive does not exist on the regular set of the flower cards. They are indeed shaped and sized in the same way as hanafuda earrings, but they are not totally alike.

Some consider that piece of jewelry a bit controversial because the motive of the Rising Sun was used by the Japanese military during World War II. It was a period of great instability and war crimes so many see the motive as inappropriate for the purpose. A part of the public also believes it is a political agenda and a secret message for particular watchers.

What Is Special About Tanjiro?

There are definitely many special things about Tanjiro. He is a young individual who turns into a demon slayer. He has great strength and power, much more than a regular human being. His life is turbulent and dangerous despite his extraordinary capacities.

Tanjiro’s family was slaughtered so he is constantly searching for a way to avenge their deaths. His sister was turned into a demon by Muzan so Tanjiro has great motives to find and defeat him. On the way to revenge, he meets different enemies and obstacles, but he usually succeeds to overcome them easily.

Tanjiro has a very strong and tough head despite the scar on the forehead. It is far more powerful than the heads of his enemies so they have very low chances to survive the clash. They are usually destroyed immediately after the first hit, while it does not have a negative effect on Tanjiro. Many wondered why his head was so strong.

He also worked out for years, training to become a demon slayer, so it probably affects the toughness of his head in a positive way. Tanjiro is also using special hanafuda earrings that are part of his family tradition. They are transferred through many generations in a direct male family line to him. The earrings transmit special and powerful energy to the users so Tanjiro has an opportunity to use them for his own goals and purposes. The earrings can give him additional strength and that’s why he can become unstoppable when he wants.

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