What’s Wrong With Tanjiro’s Earrings?

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Tanjiro earrings are made in the form of Japanese playing cards. They are the same size and shape, so they are pretty noticeable while he wears them on his ears. Still, Japanese playing cards are smaller than those used by Westerners, so they do not look ugly on their head.

Tanjiro earrings have additional components, such as chains and buckets, because those parts are necessary when fixing them to the ear. That’s one of the differences when comparing them with playing cards. At first sight, Tanjiro’s earrings look perfectly normal and acceptable; however, some notice unusual details.

Many believe the earrings hide some secret political message and agenda because of the motive on the front side. As you probably know, the Rising Sun was a logo of the Japanese army during World War II. Some think it is not appropriate to use such an emblem in the series, so that’s what they consider wrong.

They also believe the project’s authors wanted to demonstrate that, but the creators provide no official clarification.

As you may know, the Japanese playing cards are 48 different cards. They all have particular motives, and each card has unique details. Those are created in the form of additional painted photos. The Japanese playing cards are also called flower cards by many because most themes contain various plants.

They only have pictures on the front side, while the back side stays blank all the time. However, connoisseurs may quickly notice that Tanjiro’s earrings differ in some aspects. They have, for example, the Rising Sun as the primary motive on the front side of the earrings.

By observing the common flower cards, you can notice no such cards within the group. That means Tanjiro earrings are not regular Japanese playing cards and are made for unique and different purposes. The earrings are, in fact, ancient. This jewelry piece’s first owner was Yoriichi, a mighty human being who became a demon slayer.

Who Is The Demon Slayer With Hanafuda Earrings?

He, however, lived several hundreds of years ago, and the earrings date back to that period. They are transferred through the family line from one generation to another, and that’s how Tanjiro got them. The earrings belonged to his father before him and are both the descendants of Yoriichi.

Whats Wrong With Tanjiros Earrings 02 1024x536, Demon Slayer Earrings
Demon Slayer Earrings

Why Does Tanjiro Have Hanafuda Earrings?

Yoriichi was the original owner of the earrings. He was the first to wear them and was born a few hundred years ago. While considering this fact, it is pretty easy to conclude the earrings are also of a similar age.

Tanjiro wears hanafuda earrings because they are part of his family tradition. This piece of jewelry was used by his ancestors too. His father wore the same earrings before him, and the line goes back to a distant past.

The earrings are transferred through the male line only, which means the female family members are not required to wear them. Those earrings are an honor for the owner, so it is a great privilege to have them. However, using them is also a serious responsibility because they signify the owner is the head of the family. And they are like a small clan, so it does have a real value.

However, the energy of those earrings is another interesting reason Tanjiro wears them. Yoriichi was not a regular man. He was a demon slayer. A powerful one. He even defeated Muzan in one of the battles, so this guy did not forget him. That would not be so important for Tanjiro now that the earrings do transfer the energy of the original owner to anyone who wears that piece of jewelry.

Tanjiro has the privilege of taking advantage of that powerful energy. It is one of the excellent reasons why he uses them, except for the family tradition. The earrings are also nice looking, so the style most likely plays a role too. They are pretty unique and exciting, so they provide a characteristic charm to his figure.

Why Are Tanjiro’s Earrings Offensive?

Despite all the excellent characteristics the earrings possess, this piece of jewelry seems offensive to some. That’s usually because of the motive on the front side of the items. Hanafuda earrings are Japanese playing cards.

They are made in the same shape and size and have the same motives and themes. The only additions are chains and buckets because the regular cards do not possess such components. They are added since it is necessary for the ears. It is all fine, and that’s what everyday hanafuda earrings look like.

Tanjiro’s ones are quite different because of the theme on the front side. They use the Rising Sun as the primary motive there, and many do not like it very much. That’s mainly because the Japanese military used the sign during World War II.

As you know, it was not a very nice period. Millions of people died in the battles, and many were innocent civilians, including little kids. That’s why part of the public thinks removing such a mark from Tanjiro’s earrings would be appropriate because it invokes terrible memories.

Some also believe the earrings hide a secret political message for particular watches. However, these are just speculations because it is impossible to find any official clarification. Moreover, the Rising Sun theme might have other meanings, not just that connected to World War II.

The mark is part of the Japanese tradition and dates back thousands of years. However, it was also used by samurai and some other military groups within Japan, so it is not strictly connected to the events of World War II.

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Tanjiro Kamado

Why Is Tanjiro’s Head Hard?

Tanjiro has had various problems almost from early childhood. His family was slaughtered, and he faced multiple obstacles and enemies throughout his life. It is, however, necessary to have some way of protection when it comes to a problem of this kind, and those are the moments when his hard head comes into the game. It is a powerful part of his body, and no one wants to be hit with it.

That includes even some of his most dangerous enemies whose heads cannot compare with Tanjiro’s ones considering their toughness. He managed to defeat many of them just by hitting them with this part of his body, and they could not defend themselves properly at those moments. It is probably the most crucial reason why Tanjiro’s head is so hard; however, there are most likely more.

The public believes his head is tough because his character is the same so the two aspects are related. He is ready to go through water and fire to reach his goals and avenge his family. The tough head can only help him on the way.

Some might believe Tanjiro is already injured due to the big scar on his forehead; however, it only makes his head stronger and more challenging. It is like an additional layer that provides extra protection.

It is also good to know Tanjiro had a career before becoming a demon slayer. He was a coal seller, and it would not be anything special that this kind of job did include a lot of hard work. His entire body was included in the operations, and he spent several years in that job position.

A lot of work led to the significant development of body condition and muscles, so many believe it affected his head as well. That’s why it probably becomes more challenging than the heads of ordinary people.

Furthermore, Tanjiro performed various exercises for several years before and after the job. Those greatly affected his strength, including that of his head. He used some special activities for that body part, and the training was successful.

Does Tanjiro Turn Into a Demon?

The answer to this question is yes. Tanjiro was turned into a demon. Being a monster has some positive and some opposing sides, depending on the point of view. Such a creature is doomed to an unhappy life.

It moved from a human to some unknown and ugly being. It is hard to find a friend and have an everyday life in such circumstances. Demons usually do not have families, so they live for some particular purpose. In the case of Tanjiro, it is revenge.

His family, save for Nezuko, does not exist anymore, so he wants to fight back and complete the mission. Being a demon is a helpful thing on the path of revenge. Supernatural creatures have greater strength and are far more potent than ordinary humans.

It means Tanjiro has a chance to overcome obstacles more easily. Very few enemies can stand against him, and even Muzan is in danger himself. He is a demon, too, so he needs a similar opponent to be defeated.

Those are the positive aspects of being a demon. Tanjiro will maybe turn back to a regular human when his actions complete his mission. However, such an outcome is still uncertain, so it is a speculation.

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