Who Is The Demon Slayer With Hanafuda Earrings?

That demon slayer is a young boy named Tanjiro Kamado. He grew to become a dangerous warrior after his family was slaughtered by Muzan and his sister turned into a demon.

That’s because Tanjiro Kamado actually belongs to the family of fighters and warriors. It is a sort of clan that transfers their family duties from one generation to another one. They generally live peacefully, however, they can become very aggressive if something jeopardizes their lives. As every clan of this type, they have their own marks and signs.

Hanafuda earrings are, for example, one of the most important symbols of their family. That’s why Tanjiro constantly wears that piece of jewelry. It was transferred to him through different generations. His father wore them before him and he received the honor after reaching an appropriate stage in his life. That means the demon slayer is actually just an ordinary boy who changed his personality and became far more powerful than ordinary people of his age.

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Tanjiro & Nezuko

What Is The Meaning of Hanafuda Earrings?

Hanafuda earrings are actually Japanese playing cards used for different purposes. It is possible to play various games with those items, however, some utilize them as earrings as well. That’s suitable because they are smaller than regular playing cards in some other parts of the world such as Europe or America.

The earrings have, however, some additional parts. Those help them stay attached to the user’s ears. The chains and bucket are the components necessary for that kind of purpose. They are usually quite small too. The chain might be several centimeters long so the earrings have enough space to avoid interfering with other parts of the user’s body.

Japanese playing cards are also called flower cards, and there are actually 48 different cards in a single set. Each of those cards has different motives so their meaning is usually in accordance with the pictures on the front side. The backside is black so only the front one matters when it comes to correct meaning. In order to find more about the aspect, it is necessary to check each particular card.

They can also be connected to Japanese history and mythology which means the single card might have different meanings considering the resources you use for the determination. The cards have different flowers as motives on them, and they are separated into 12 different suits. Each of these suits is connected to one of the twelve months starting from January and ending with December.

However, there are some things necessary to consider while speaking about Tanjiro’s earrings. These are also Japanese playing cards, but they have different themes on the front page. While observing his earrings, you can simply notice they are not a part of the regular set of flower cards. They are however of the same size and shape, but the Rising Sun is not a motif on any of the ordinary Hanafuda cards you can find on the market.

That means they are particularly developed for the Tanjiro family line. The same earrings belong to them for many years, and they have been actually transferred from one generation to another one. Before Tanjiro, his father used the same earring and his ancestors did the same as well.

Tanjiro’s earrings have, however, generated some controversies among the public. That’s mostly because of the motives of the Rising Sun. It was the main sign of the Japanese army during World War II so many believe they are actually some secret political sign, and the creators of the series purposely added to Tanjiro’s earrings. There are, however, no clarifications about this aspect so it is still a sort of speculation.

Was Tanjiro’s Dad a Demon Slayer?

Tanjiro’s dad was a fighter and strong person, however, he was not a demon slayer himself. Still, he was connected to the demon slayer world in some ways, and they gave him a chance to master different fighting styles such as the fire god technique.

Many believe, however, Tanjiro’s dad was a demon slayer who once defeated Muzan. Those opinions are based on flashbacks Muzan often has. At those moments, he sees a demon slayer who was stronger in battle.

The public often thinks it is Tanjiro’s father, but that’s not unfortunately correct. The demon Muzan sees in his flashbacks is actually Yoriichi who was the founder of the clan and original owner of the hanafuda earrings. He started the genealogy line and had many successors after him. Tanjiro and his father are one of them too. However, he lived in a distant past so he actually defeated Muzan several hundred years ago.

Tanjiro’s father is a good fighter, but it is definitely not as strong and powerful as Yoriichi was. His fighting knowledge is for respect, but demons are always stronger than ordinary humans. Tanjiro now has an option to become the real successor of Yoriichi because he has quite the same capabilities after becoming the same kind of demon slayer. Tanjiro’s father has not had such a possibility during his young age staying an ordinary man all the time.

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Tanjiro Kamado

What Are The Earrings In Demon Slayer?

The most important and noticeable earrings are those that belong to Tanjiro. He has hanafuda earrings with some interesting and unusual motives. Those kinds of earrings are made in a form of Japanese playing cards, and they are actually quite the same.

Still, some additional details have been necessary in order to keep them comfortably on ears. Chains and buckets are, for example, such components that serve the purpose well. The regular Japanese playing cards do not have those details because they are not necessary.

The set contains exactly 48 different cards, and they all have some particular motives and photos on the front side. The backside stays blank because it goes directly on the table, and it is not very important. It is possible to play different games with Japanese playing cards that are also called flower cards by some. That’s because they often contain such plants in their photos.

Still, Tanjior earrings are somehow different from regular Japanese playing cards. They are also made in the same form and shape so at first look, it is easy to conclude they are just like that. However, the Rising Sun as a motive on the front side of such earrings does not belong to the regular set of the flower cards. That’s why it is not hard to notice Tanjiro’s earrings are a bit different than any card from the regular set because of that detail.

Furthermore, the Rising Sun was a motive of the Japanese military during World War II, and that’s why the cards created a lot of controversies among the public. Many believe they hide some secret political message the authors of the series wanted to share with the world. However, those are just opinions of the public and there are no clarifications about this aspect from the creators of the series.

Tanjiro’s earrings have been transferred through different generations directly to him. His father wore the same earrings before him and his ancestors did the same. Tanjiro is the latest in the line and current owner of that piece of jewelry. They are only transferred through the male line. Women do not wear such earrings in the kamado family. It is a great honor but also a responsibility to wear such earrings, so Tanjiro is doing that with pleasure.

The first owner of this piece of jewelry was Yoriichi. He was the original demon slayer and a very powerful being. He was the first who defeated Muzan several hundreds of years ago. It is not a secret the earrings possess the energy of the original owner, and it is transferred to Tanjiro through the earrings. He also became a demon slayer so he has good chances to defeat Muzan too. It would be very important, in fact, because he slaughtered his family.

Why Did Muzan Kill Tanjiro’s Family?

There are most likely several reasons why Muzan decided to kill Tanjiro’s family. The first one is revenge. The Kamado family traces its lineage to Yoriichi who defeated Muzan once in the past. As Yoriichi is not alive anymore, he decided to kill his family as a sign of revenge for the defeat he suffered from him.

The second reason is a fear from Yoriichi descendants. Muzan realized that some of them have a chance to become as powerful as their ancestor so it would be dangerous for him to have such an enemy. That’s why he decided to prevent such an outcome by killing all of them at an appropriate moment. He only spared Nezuko because he saw good potential in her. However, he did not allow her to stay an ordinary human and turned her into a demon.

Muzan, however, quickly realized that he still did not manage to kill all the family members and that one survived. One of them is going to become his greatest and life-threatening nightmare and those are the moments when the series becomes really interesting.

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