Who Is The Most Powerful Demon?

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There are some very strong demons in the series. The strongest one is Muzan. He was born a thousand years ago but still looks like a young boy. This demon has many capabilities and can use different bodies when appropriate. If the one is damaged, he can replace it with the new one.

He also uses various fighting styles that help him achieve simple and easy victories. That’s why many believe Muzan is the most powerful demon slayer. However, it is necessary to know he is a demon king and not just a regular demon. It is quite a big difference because the first is considered far more powerful.

Who Is The Most Powerful Demon Slayer?

On the other hand, there is also a list of strong and powerful demon slayers. Gyomei Himejima is the first on the list and is considered the most potent demon slayer in the manga series.

He is, for example, using different fighting styles that provide him an advantage during the fighting. He is well-versed in all of them and knows various tricks and techniques. Gyomei has already defeated many strong enemies, including different demons.

Many believe he is the strongest after Yoriichi, who lived hundreds of years ago. But, at first sight, no one would guess Gyomei is so strong. That’s because he is blind. However, such a defect does not negatively affect his fighting possibilities. 

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Is Zenitsu The Strongest Demon Slayer?

Zenitsu belongs to the group of very strong demon slayers; however, he is certainly not the strongest. As mentioned, some are more powerful than him, and the competition is very tough. Therefore, many do not think Zenitsu should be regarded as one of the most powerful demon slayers.

He often asks different girls to marry him since he is searching for a way out. Zenitsu wants to live a happy and long life without unnecessary hassle, and he wants to be done being a demon slayer.

Still, no one should underestimate him. He is not the most powerful demon slayer but he is still solid and dangerous. However, his body is often overcome by stress, so he might suddenly fall asleep. Some would think it is an ideal situation to eliminate him during the fighting, but that would be a wrong opinion.

Zenitsu is the strongest while sleeping. Those are the moments when his body is fighting only by instinct. He is entirely unconscious at that period; however, his enemies will remember him very well.

Does Zenitsu Marry Nezuko?

Is Tanjiro Stronger Than Giyuu?

Tanjiro is a very young individual. He is currently just 15 years old. It is not hard to conclude he does not have much experience in fighting because of this aspect. He just started his missions, but it is still extremely strong for a beginner.

Giyuu is, on the other hand, a well-trained individual who has been practicing different martial arts for many years. He also had a large number of successful battles, so it was not easy to defeat him at all. He is, however, quite older than Tanjiro, so some would suppose he would win the battle between the two.

However, that does not need to be accurate, and the fight will be very tough. Conversely, Tanjiro might have more chances to win despite his fighting skills. Nevertheless, their positive things that work for him. Hanafuda earrings, for example, transmit solid and powerful energy providing additional strength during crucial moments.

He is also a practitioner of the Sun Breathing Style, a potent sword-fighting technique that usually gives him an advantage over his opponents. Giyuu would have difficulty fighting against him, which is certainly good for Tanjiro.

Who Killed Muzan?

As already mentioned, Muzan is a demon king, and he is the most powerful demon of all in the series. Therefore, it is almost an impossible mission to defeat this character in a direct battle because his fighting knowledge is inviolable. However, some demon slayers succeeded in accomplishing that mission despite that fact.

Yoriichi was, for example, the first one who managed to kill Muzan. He was a mighty demon slayer who even created some particular sword-fighting styles. Yoriichi was, for example, the creator of the Sun Breathing Style, and the technique was later transferred to his descendants. His fighting capabilities allowed him to defeat and eliminate various dangerous opponents.

However, Muzan is very clever. He was already 700 years old when he stood against Yoriichi, so the latter had a hard mission. He managed to destroy his body, but Muzan’s spirit succeeded in escaping and finding another body after the death of the previous one.

However, he developed an intense fear of Yoriichi, so he was not ready to take revenge promptly. Yoriichi was not even aware that he had managed to escape. He thought Muzan was entirely killed and destroyed.

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Tanjiro & Nezuko

Does Zenitsu Marry Nezuko?

Zenitsu was the first one who notices Nezuko. That’s the moment when he started approaching her. He intended to marry her, so he openly spoke about that. He did not succeed immediately, but he did not give up on her. 

After each meeting, he fell more and more in love with her. That’s why he repeated the same proposal every time. Finally, Nezuko realized his offer was honest and sincere, so she eventually accepted, becoming his wife.

They created a happy community, so the descendants started arriving in the coming years. Nezuko and Zenitsu had several children; their kids had their kids, so the family continued growing. It is the best evidence of the happiness they achieved with each other.

Who Is The Weakest Demon?

The situation is quite the same with weak demons, like in the case of the strong ones. The series is full of the creatures such as those, so you can put many of them on the list. The weak demons are usually inexperienced in fights and martial arts. They do not have techniques and styles, so they cannot defend themselves against enemies.

If you observe the weakest demons out there, you will notice many of them are women. On the other hand, the list of the strongest monsters is usually composed of men because it is natural for them to be warriors. Women do not have such a role, so they are at the bottom regarding the comparison of strength.

And currently, the weakest one is Nezuko. She is a very young and new demon without appropriate skills for the mission. However, she has excellent potential, so she may succeed in making progress in combat techniques. Those would allow her to fight without any obstacles.

Is Zenitsu Faster Than Tanjiro?

Zenitsu and Tanjiro are both on the list of strong demon slayers despite some drawbacks both of them possess. First, they are both similar in age. Zenitsu is 16, while Tanjiro is currently 15 years old. That means they are still very young boys who can further advance in fighting styles and combat techniques.

Comparing the two, Zenitsu is faster than Tanjiro. The latter does not pay too much attention to speed because he focuses primarily on strength. Despite that fact, Tanjiro would probably win the battle between them. It has not happened, so it is hard to give a precise prognosis, but it will most likely be so.

Besides the greater strength, Tanjiro is also a better tactician, which is a remarkable advantage compared with Zenitsu. The latter one usually fights while sleeping. However, he can do so in the awake state as well.

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Does GIYU Die?

Giyu has had a lot of problems throughout his life. While he was still a little child, his sister sacrificed her life to protect Giyu from the demon’s attacks. When his sister died, he tried to tell others that monsters had killed her, but they did not believe him. Instead, he was labeled mentally unstable, so they sent him to a doctor.

When he was 13 years old, Giyu was attacked and injured by other demons. Fortunately, Sabito was with him, so she managed to save him. However, he will quickly realizes Sabito died in the attack while he survived.

When Giyu gets older, he becomes more active in different battles. He supports and protects other characters, such as Tanjiro and Nezuko. Unfortunately, he is often in danger during those moments and was even injured several times. Still, no one managed to kill him, and that’s a lucky outcome for him.

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