Why Did Muzan Kill Tanjiro’s Family?

It is important to understand Muzan is an evil demon which means he loves to kill human beings. Sometimes, he might have a reason, but it is not always required. He might kill someone just for fun, for example, because killings provide pleasure to him.

In the case of Tanjiro’s family, however, he had some reasons to kill them. Yoriichi was, for example, one of his greatest and most dangerous enemies. He managed to defeat him in one battle that occurred in the distant past. Very few demon slayers have succeeded to destroy Muzan, and Yoriichi was one of them. That’s why Muzan has never forgotten him.

He never succeeded in avenging Yoriichi because he was too strong for him. However, he found a way to fight back Yoriichi’s death. The decision was to kill his family for that purpose, and Tanjiro was actually a direct descendant of Yoriichi. That’s why Muzan decided to kill them all, but he did not complete his mission entirely. It is because Tanjiro survived the attack and now he is seeking revenge.

Muzan was a very old demon. He is active for hundreds of years and has killed numerous people in his evil endeavors. Still, he was not always the most powerful individual in the world. There have been some other demons who have had the same or even greater strength than Muzan. Some of those beings have managed to defeat him in battles. Muzan was usually completely destroyed at those moments, however, he somehow succeeded to survive.

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Tanjiro & Nezuko

Why Did Muzan Attack Tanjiro’s Family?

As mentioned, Muzan attacked Tanjiro’s family as a sign of revenge for the defeat he had to suffer from their ancestor Yoriichi. He was not capable of fighting directly against him. That demon slayer was too strong for Muzan. Muzan, however, did not forget the words and pain he suffered at those moments and remembered Yoriich for a lifetime.

Revenge was his main mission, but it was not possible for him to fight against Yoriichi again. That’s why he waited for a perfect moment to take revenge. However, Yoriichi was already quite old so he died at 85. After his death, Muzan was unable to take revenge directly against him, but he still could not forget his defeat. That’s why he succeeded to attack and kill his later generations.

The fear is another reason why Muzan decided to kill Tanjiro’s family. He was aware of the enormous strength of his ancestry so he was worried that someone might get the same kinds of powers as Yoriichi. His opinion was quite correct when it comes to inheritable characteristics, but it does not justify his attack.

Why Does Muzan Have A Family?

There are indeed some practical reasons why Muzan has a family. He was typically known as an evil and cruel demon, however, no one knew what he looked like. That’s what made a lot of trouble for Tanjiro while he was searching for him. While trying to imagine a very old and nasty demon, you will probably think of some sort of monster. It is very hard for such a creature to live in a community with normal citizens so you would probably not go to find him in any town or village out there.

Maybe deep in some jungle or high in the mountains where no one can find him. However, such an opinion would be wrong because Muzan actually lived in a city like any other normal citizen. And that’s the most important reason why he had a family with him. It was used as a part of his camouflage.

No one would think anything bad about a normal person with a normal family. His appearance was perfectly fine, and he looked like a regular person when Tanjiro found him. His family looked the same so Tanjiro was really surprised with his discovery. There was no chance that anyone in the city would suppose anything negative about these people.

Muzan seemed like a young boy while he was actually 1,000 years old. He could use his family as a shelter. He could move from one place to another without being noticed by other people. That’s how he managed to attack and kill some people while staying undiscovered. Muzan did not care too much about his family from an emotional point of view. He just used them for his own goals.

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Tanjiro Kamado

Why Did Muzan Turn Nezuko?

Nezuko is Tanjiro’s sister and a part of the Kamado family. That’s because the monster saw potential in her so he decides to spare her life. Still, she did not stay safe and without consequences because Muzan turned her into a demon. Except for her, only Tanjiro managed to survive Muzan’s attack because he was not present when it happened. Nezuko was the youngest girl in the family and a very cute kid. Even the cruel demon Muzan had some positive feelings for her.

He initially wanted to turn some other of the Kamado family members, but no one of them had the power to survive the transformation. Only Nezuko was capable of doing so, and it can be a sign of big successes in her demon’s career.

She still looks like a regular human being, and there are no big differences comparing the new and old look. Nezuko is also wearing a similar kind of clothes with very few exceptions that disappeared during the transformation. That’s definitely a positive aspect because she will have a chance to live unnoticeably among the human beings in towns and cities.

Does Muzan Love His Family?

Unfortunately, Muzan does not love anyone, not even his own family. He just uses them as a shelter. There is an ugly story behind the creation of his family. She actually had another husband, and they loved each other. As a strong and powerful demon, he murdered the husband and acts like her new boyfriend.

The women already had kids but they call Muzan dad, but they are not aware that he does not love them as they love him. Muzan’s family is not also informed about his past. They do not know the lovely man actually killed their real father.

This guy is a very old and evil demon who constantly puts them all at risk. They would probably be extremely terrified if they find out more about his real nature. They killed numerous people, and they have often been somewhere nearby during this.

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