Why Did Tanjiro’s Sword Turn Black?

Kimetsu No Yaiba is an SCI-FI manga series full of different demons and interesting characters. They are placed in a pretty different world than ours where the Demon Slayer Corps is responsible for the protection of Japan from all kinds of enemies, no matter if they are regular warriors or supernatural entities.

Many believe Tanjiro’s sword turns black because he was actually a charcoal seller before becoming a demon slayer and joining the corps. The black color can relate to that occupation so they believe that’s the reason for changes.

Human beings are quite limited when it comes to fighting. Their physical abilities are not ideal, especially if they have never trained and practiced martial arts and similar fighting techniques. It is quite easy to destroy a regular human being, but demons, however, can be far more powerful.

Despite their better capabilities, demon slayers are also equipped with various weapons that give them a chance to win their battles easily. Different kinds of weaponry might be a part of the set, and swords are usually the most common.

The weapons of the demon slayers might have some additional features making them quite special. For example, Tanjiro is one of the demon slayers who belongs to the corps, and he has a sword that turns black.

Tanjiro is also a practitioner of the Sun Breathing Style, a special sword fighting technique and some opinions on sword color-changing go in that direction too. That’s because the black color can be connected to that system as well.

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Tanjiro, Inosuke & Zenitsu

What Does The Black Sword Do In Demon Slayer?

It is important to understand the sword is always the sword. That’s a weapon you can use effectively against enemies. It serves as protection from attacks. When your enemy tries to hit you with his weapons, you have a chance to block the attack with your own sword. You can also punch, cut, and stab them with your sword, and it is easy to make even deadly injuries.

The swords in the demon slayers are very big, strong, and sharp so they do not have problems going through flash and bones. On the other hand, they are made of steel which makes them durable and resistant to enemy hits.

The colors themselves do not change those aspects in any drastic way so they are not of the greatest importance. They usually symbolize something, and it is not always clear what they actually represent. The enemies might be afraid of the changes so they can distract and confuse them. It is quite useful during the fighting, but it is also good to know, they do not change the nature of the sword. It is always deadly regardless of the color so the enemies have to be cautious in order to survive the battle.

That also includes the black sword. It has quite the same capabilities as a red or white sword. You can fight and destroy the enemies as usual. The black color might have however different meanings, but there is still no official clarification of what it really symbolizes.

Does Tanjiro’s Sword Change Color?

Tanjiro’s sword indeed changes color at some particular moments. There are usually different reasons for such a result. The color is not always the same which means the sword is actually a multicolor one.

However, you cannot see them all at once. The colors change gradually. It means the sword can turn red, then black, or white. It depends on different circumstances. Each of the colors most likely has different meanings.

On the other hand, for some colors, it is quite sure what they mean. The white one, for example, represents a blur, while the red is connected to blood, fighting, and wars. The blue color symbolizes water, and it is one of the first kinds of changes you can watch in this manga series.

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Tanjiro Kamado

What Happened To Tanjiro’s Sword?

Tanjiro has been using his sword every time the situation requires something like that. It gives him the power to defend himself from armored and dangerous enemies, and he is often doing with a lot of success.

Tanjiro has also been regularly using his sword to train and practice different martial arts techniques with that weapon. It gives him a chance to master important skills that provide an advantage during the fighting.

Tanjiro is quite a successful handler because of its different positive characteristics. He is actually a member of a family clan and his ancestors have been fighting like this for hundreds if not thousands of years.

Some of them even invented important fighting sword techniques such as the Sun Breathing Style, for example. Tanjiro has received instructions on those methods so he is actually continuing the family tradition. His sword helps him to achieve that.

It can also often change a color becoming, white, blue, red, or black. That happens due to different reasons and each of the colors usually has different meanings. They are not deadly for the enemies by themselves, however, the changes can surprise, distract, and confuse them during fighting so they might lose the battle more easily.

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Why Did Tanjiro’s Scar Change?

It is well-known that Tanjiro has a very hard and tough head. That’s quite an important characteristic for him because he can defeat many enemies just by hitting them with this part of the body. No weapons are required when the character has such an ability and all are searching for a way to avoid being punched by his head during the fights.

It is also easy to notice he has a pretty big scar on the forehead. That would be quite normal for someone who uses the head more than often for fighting. However, Tanjiro’s scar sometimes changes in size and shape so the public might be a little confused with that aspect of the series.

Some believe it probably happens while Tanjiro makes progress in his martial arts. After learning and mastering some new and innovative techniques, the scar reacts by changing the shape. There is also a possibility, the scar is actually an additional layer that protects his forehead from injuries.

The bigger size means higher protection so that’s definitely good for Tanjiro. It is also suitable to suppose his scar changes while he is getting older and older. So that also might be a sign of maturity.

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