Why Does Tanjiro Have Hanafuda Earrings?

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Tanjiro earrings are a part of family tradition, and they have been transmitted from one generation to another one. His father also wore the same earrings when appropriate, and the generations before him did the same too.

Hanafuda earrings are transmitted only through the male line in the Kamado family, so it is a part of the obligation and responsibility of Tanjiro to have them regularly.

Different mysteries are connected to those earrings, and they can help him on his way. Hanafuda earrings are known to provide additional strength and power to the user, so it is indeed an important thing to possess. Tanjiro is often forced to deal with dangerous enemies and challenging obstacles throughout his adventure, so any help is recommended at those moments.

Some believe the earrings are a direct connection to various spirits and demons, and that’s why they might appear so powerful during important events and battles. However, the earrings also remind him of his family and their mission. It is hard to forget that while having those with him.

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Tanjiro Kamado

Why Does Tanjiro Wear Hanafuda Earrings?

There is more than one reason why Tanjiro wears Hanafuda earrings constantly. As mentioned, this piece of jewelry is a part of family tradition, so it would not be suitable for him to drop the earrings and stop wearing them. It would be a betrayal of his family and ancestors.

That’s something Tanjiro does not want to do. His father and his ancestors before him all wore the same earrings, so it is an honor and great responsibility at the same time to have them on the ears. They are proof of maturity and capability to survive in a dangerous world.

Furthermore, the earrings connect powerful spirits and demons by taking a part of their energy. Therefore, those who wear the earrings will receive the similar capabilities of those beings to provide additional strength to the user. That’s important for Tanjiro because he is often involved in different battles and problems throughout his adventures.

Some of his enemies are hazardous people, so it is great to have additional protection when they appear. His ancestors are proud when they see him wearing the same earrings as they did once in the past. That means the new generation continues the family tradition, and the subsequent descendants will likely continue to follow the same path.

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How Did Tanjiro Get His Earrings?

Tanjiro earrings are a part of the family tradition, and they go back to a distant past. As mentioned, they are transmitted from one generation to another. The line usually goes from father to son, while the female members do not wear those earrings in the Kamado families.

Some other lineages might, however, have different rules regarding transmissions, so women might also be included as users and owners. However, that kind of rule does not apply to the Kamado family.

Tanjiro got the earrings directly from his father. He received them when he reached the appropriate age. The earrings are connected to different powers and strengths. Some consider them life-threatening too. That’s maybe because they are a portal to another world or a link to various powerful spirits and demons.

It is believed that the user can get the energy of those beings and mysteries so he can become far more robust and powerful than without them. That’s important for Tanjiro, who often faces various dangers. He got the earrings at his first appearance; however, he did not use them from childhood because they belonged to his father at that period.

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Demon Slayer Earrings

What’s Wrong With Tanjiro’s Earrings?

Tanjiro earrings are generally good and nice-looking pieces of jewelry. They are made of Japanese playing cards with a specific shape and design. Those cards are also called flower cards and are used for different games in Japan and elsewhere. It means they are all the same sizes even though the photos on them are usually different.

Hanafuda earrings have, however, some additional details. Those include little chains and buckets. It would be impossible for anyone to comfortably wear the flower cards on their ears without that kind of equipment. That’s why all Hanafuda earrings must have such details.

The Rising Sun is the main motive for Tanjiro’s earrings, and it is impossible to find such photos in the regular set on the flower cards. It would not be a big deal if the Japanese military did not use the same logo during World War II.

That’s why many believe Tanjiro’s earrings hold a secret political message too, and it is a fact that causes a lot of controversies when it comes to Tanjiro earrings.

However, Tanjiro earrings are special and different because of some other details. The flower cards contain a set of 48 cards in total. They all have regular designs, pictures, and motives, so it is possible to find each within the set. Still, Tanjiro earrings have different motives, and it is impossible to find a card with such a design in the flower card set. That means those earrings are different from regular ones despite their many similarities.

Furthermore, Muzan is quite sure the earrings are very dangerous and life-threatening for some, including himself, because of the connections with powerful spirits and energies. It also creates different controversies within the series, and Muzan has involved a lot of energy in investigating that matter differently.

Why Does Muzan Want Tanjiro Dead?

Muzan wants Tanjiro dead because the latter is recognized as his arch-enemy in the series. Tanjiro, on the other hand, has a great reason to consider Muzan the biggest enemy of all because he killed the Kamado family.

When he did that, Tanjiro started searching for him in an attempt at revenge. Muzan had never seen him before; however, he immediately recognized him because of the characteristic earrings on his ears. He realized right away he would need to kill Tanjiro to protect his own life.

Of course, that was not easy, so Muzan needed to create an appropriate strategy to meet the goal. At first, he transformed a young man into a demon giving him this important task. He intended the youngster to be a direct killer of Tanjiro.

However, those attempts ended up unsuccessful, and the danger for Muzan became even greater. That’s because Tanjiro was nearer to him, so Muzan was forced to create multiple demons by sending all of them to murder Tanjiro.

But all the attempts failed despite the big efforts provided by them. Muzan realized Tanjiro possessed the energy of the Breath of the Sun while thinking about his earrings.

He knew they belonged to Yoriichi, who was the original owner. He was very powerful, so his energy was transferred through his earrings. Muzan realized that’s where probably lies Tanjiro’s power and strength..

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