Why Does Yoriichi Look Like Tanjiro?

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Yoriichi was one of the most powerful demon slayers of his time. However, he was born several hundred years ago and died at 85. Tanjiro has some similarities with this individual, but it is wrong to say they are the same. That’s because there are some differences, too, so they are not identical.

The main reason for the similarity between the two characters lies in the fact that Yoriichi is an ancestor of Tanjiro, and he is his direct descendant. That’s the reason for the similar look as well as personal characteristics.

Both of them have the same scar on the forehead. Their shape and size are not different, so it is pretty clear they are relatives while observing the mark. It is probably because they both have strong heads ideal for fighting.

For example, Yoriichi created a fighting discipline and technique called the Sun Breathing Style. The knowledge was later transferred through different generations, so it finally arrived at Tanjiro, the last practitioner of the techniques. That means they both learn and use the same sword combat style, one of their similarities.

Yoriichi and Tanjiro are both using the same hanafuda earrings. This is because those belonged to Yoriichi first. He was the original owner. However, they are later transferred through different generations, and that’s how they became Tanjiro’s property. Before him, his father wore them.

That’s some of the essential characteristics these two relatives have in common. However, it is good to know there are many more similarities between them, and the public often notices them.

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Tanjiro Kamado

Does Muichiro Like Tanjiro?

Tanjiro is an interesting guy, even though many do not like him. Jealousy is often a part of such negative emotions, which is a normal fact. On the other hand, the public loves him, and he is one of the main characters.

He also has a lot of friends in the series. And Muichiro is undoubtedly one of them. That means he loves Tanjiro, but it is an apparent friendship and nothing more than that. They meet each other during training and martial art practice. Muichiro instantly noticed the positive characteristics of Tanjiro, so the latter got other praise and compliments regarding his capabilities.

The preparation gives a chance to prepare for a fight with natural enemies, and it is beneficial when you have a sparring partner to train with him. That’s the best way to implement new techniques and approaches while mastering the old ones. It would be pretty impossible without a sparring partner, so that’s where the benefit of such a friendship lies.

Why Does Tanjiro Have Yoriichi’s Earrings?

Tanjiro uses Yoriichi earrings because they are part of the family tradition. The earrings have been transferred from the older generation to the new one, and the line started with Yoriichi, the first and original owner of the earrings.

Tanjiro is responsible for using them because his father and grandfather did the same before him. It is also a great honor because they signify that the user is the family clan’s chief.

There are, however, some other more practical reasons for wearing earrings. As you probably know, Yoriichi was a mighty demon slayer. He managed to defeat Muzan, who is known as the strongest of all demons.

It means Yoriichi was unstoppable during fights in his time. And that would not be a big deal now because he died a few hundred years ago. But it still matters because the earrings can transmit energy to the current user and owner of that piece of jewelry.

What Is So Special About Tanjiro’s Earrings?

It is a great reason for Tanjiro to have them on the ears. They can make him unbeatable, so it is essential for him. Furthermore, Tanjiro is walking on a dangerous path while seeking revenge against Muzan, who killed his family, so additional help is welcome.

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Tanjiro, Nezuko, Inosuke, Zenitsu & Others

Why Does Tanjiro Have Hanafuda Earrings?

Tanjiro has hanafuda earrings because his ancestors used the same jewelry during their missions. That includes his father and grandfather. Such earrings are pretty common in Japan, so it is not weird to see them on the ears of many.

Tanjiro is a family clan member who has used hanafuda earrings for many generations. They have an essential sign of the Rising Sun on the front side. It makes them different, however, from regular hanafuda earrings because such a mark does not belong to the earrings of the standard set.

Hanafuda earrings are made of Japanese playing cards. There are 48 different cards in the original set. Each of these has different themes and motives. They are usually connected with flowers, which is why they are called flower cards. However, the Rising Sun does not exist as a part of the standard set, which makes Tanjiro’s earrings quite different from regular ones. 

The sign is probably connected with the sword-fighting technique the family clan uses for battles and fights. It has a similar name – the Sun Breathing Style. So it points out something about the user.

Still, the earrings have caused a lot of controversies among the public because of the Rising Sun. That’s because the Japanese army used flags with the same symbol during World War II.

So many believe they are hiding a secret political message due to that attribute, so they believe some hidden agenda is behind the earrings. But the authors have not provided any official statement regarding this matter, so it is still speculation and nothing more than that.

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Is Tanjiro a Descendant of Yoriichi?

Tanjiro has a well-respected relative. Yoriichi is probably the best known among the public. It is because he was a mighty and strong demon slayer. He defeated some of the greatest enemies, including Muzan, considered a demon king.

Very few individuals succeeded in achieving something like that, but Yoriichi did. It was possible for him because he also became a demon slayer when he reached an appropriate age, which is the same as in the case of Tanjiro.

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